11th Sports Committee

Inclusive sports for all to pursue, Igniting the passion for sports in YOU

Director of Sports

Kevin Kong

Director's Message

Welcome to the Sports Committee!

The Sports Committee oversees the sporting scene in CAPT where we strive to foster a safe and accessible sporting environment for all CAPTains.

At the Sports Committee, we believe that sports extend beyond being a physical activity to an avenue which facilitates growth and serves as a platform for CAPTains to connect, unifying CAPTains from different houses and strengthening the CAPT community.

The Sports Committee also organises sports-related events and supports all sports interest groups (IGs) offered in CAPT with the aim of providing CAPTains with the opportunities to explore and engage in various sports regardless of sporting background.

Here in CAPT, we encourage all CAPTains to step out of your comfort zone and explore sports like you’ve never before! Ultimately, we aim to provide CAPTains with a memorable and fulfilling sports journey and we will need YOUR help in being open to new sporting experiences. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey together!

Our Team

2023-03-20 18.42.30

Kenn Ong

Internal Vice Director

Your guardian for sports IGs

2023-03-20 18.42.12

Chong Xiao Xuan

External Vice Director

Your networking specialist

2023-03-20 18.42.26

Gregory Wong

Developmental Vice Director

Your aesthetic personal development supporter

Our Vision

To create an inclusive, welcoming and comfortable sporting environment within CAPT.

Our Mission

To provide CAPTains with the opportunities to engage with sports and an avenue for CAPTains to connect and facilitate personal development.


Interest Groups

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Flagship Events

Inter-Neighbourhood Games (ING)

ING is a yearly sporting event which seeks to foster healthy competition between houses as well as to promote house spirit across the 5 houses in CAPT. Furthermore, ING provides CAPTains with the opportunity to explore various sports offered in CAPT regardless of their sporting backgrounds.

Community Engagement
(CE) Sports Week

CE Sports Week is an annual event consisting of different activities throughout the week with the aim of engaging with as well as raising awareness for our community partners. CAPTains are provided with the opportunity to explore and learn about these communities through sports.

Inter-College Games (ICG)

ICG is an annual sporting event involving all Residential Colleges in NUS. Beyond unifying CAPTains from different houses, ICG seeks to facilitate the forging of friendships and the formation of strong connections with all Residential Colleges in NUS through a common passion for sports.

Health Enrichment & Engagement Health Awareness Week (HEEHAW)

HEEHAW is a yearly week-long event consisting of different activities daily with the aim of focusing on physical and mental wellness. These activities serve as opportunities for CAPTains to explore and learn the different ways in which they can care for their health.


Fulfilling Journey

Your CAPT journey starts here!

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