Student Affairs Committee

SAC provides CAPTains with opportunities to build meaningful connections and lasting memories through organising exciting college-wide events. We also manage the Flying Seed and TR3!

Lois Ho


Director's Message

Hello there! My name is Lois (pronounced as low-is, loo-is, or loy-is as my friends like to call me) and I’m the 12th Director of the Student Affairs Committee (SAC).

To me, I truly believe that what makes a home is its people – people who are willing to encourage and support you through whatever journey you’re on. Here at SAC, we hope that CAPT can be exactly that for you🫶🏻We strive to create spaces for you to cultivate and strengthen these bonds, to find the people that make this place your home.

We’re so excited for the upcoming year and can’t wait to share our events with you – sooo stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled!

The Team

Phoon Ann

Internal Vice Director

“Here for a good time…”


External Vice Director

“…but also a long time!”

Past Projects

Inter-College Halloween (ICH)
A highly anticipated annual event, ICH allows CAPTains to come together with students from other Residential Colleges (RCs) to engage in a variety of thrilling activities.
With each RC featuring their own haunted house, participants are sure to have an adrenaline-pumping and unforgettable night!
College Welfare Night
Amidst the hectic and stressful exam season, SAC is here to support and provide some delicious welfare to our fellow CAPTains! Look forward to a variety of scrumptious food choices and enjoyable activities to help you stay motivated, recharge and to do your best!
Welcome Back Dinner
To kick off the new semester, SAC hosts an informal dinner where CAPTains have the opportunity to dress up, engage in fun activities, and enjoy captivating performances. It also provides CAPTains a platform to forge new bonds and reconnect with their friends as they embark on another semester!
Inter-Neighbourhood Shield (INS)
The INS is an annual event where CAPTains have the opportunity to engage in friendly competition against other houses. INS features a diverse range of games, including video games like Mario Kart and Mobile Legends, as well as a culinary showdown, aptly named MasterChef.
CAPT Buddy
CAPT Buddy aims to engage exchange students by pairing them with a local CAPTain for a full semester. This initiative hopes to help our exchange students integrate better into Singapore and CAPT by providing them with a unique opportunity to immerse in local culture while developing personalised friendships.
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