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Director's Message

Welcome to CAPT’s Sports Committee!

We are your gateway to an active and vibrant sporting life at CAPT within the NUS community. Our commitment is to cultivate a safe and accessible sports environment for all CAPTains.

Beyond the physicality, we view sports as a catalyst for personal development, bridging different houses, and fortifying the CAPT community. Our mandate includes organising exciting sports events and providing support to various sports interest groups at CAPT, ensuring that sports enthusiasts of all levels find a welcoming home. There is something for everyone here at CAPT!

We encourage each CAPTain to break boundaries, explore new sports horizons, and contribute to our collective sporting journey. Together, let’s make lasting memories and sports acessible to all.

See you around!

The Team


Internal Vice Director

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Developmental Vice Director

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External Vice Director

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General Secretary

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Past Projects

Inter-College Games (ICG)
ICG is a season where CAPTains of different neighbourhoods unify and compete against other Residential Colleges (RCs) in various sport events. Through a common passion for sports, ICG seeks to facilitate the forging of friendships and strong connections among CAPTains and with all other RCs in NUS.
Inter-Neighbourhood Games (ING)
The ING is an annual sporting event at CAPT, organized by the Sports Committee. Spanning four days, CAPTains engage in 17 events from existing Sports Interest Groups (IGs). ING fosters friendly competition across the neighborhoods, encourages exploring new sports, and strengthens house camaraderie, promoting a vibrant sporting culture.
CE Sports Week
CE Sports week is a week-long event that enables CAPTains to engage with various communities through sports. This event allows CAPTains to experience the challenges faced by these communities through the playing of adaptive sports. For last year’s CESW, we played Soundball and Goalball, sports played by the visually impaired!
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