External Affairs Committee

EXA specialise in liaising with external stakeholders; we work closely with Alumni, other RCs, and external organisations to bring in EXA-cellent opportunities for our CAPTains.

Chin Li


Director's Message

Hello! I am Chin Li. I love chilli, and I am always up for a McSpicy. 

CAPT is a sandbox; it’s a safe and comfy place for growth where like-minded people congregate. However, this also emphasises the need to reach outside of CAPT. Our Alumni is a repository of knowledge waiting to be tapped on. Our neighbouring RCs have vastly different culture and resources. EXA is here to leverage upon these and make a meaningful difference for all CAPTains. 

I never thought I would be so invested in the Alumni and Inter-RC relations when I first joined CAPT. After all, we are all Alumni of our previous schools, but most of us weren’t actively engaged and we grew distant as a result. EXA showed me that you are always wanted back and we hope we can make you feel that way too! 

The Team


Vice Director (Inter-RC)

“Could I have a big mac, a large boke, a 6 piece bhicken nugget, and 3 bhocolate bhip bookies”


Vice Director (Alumni)

Live Laugh Love EXA

Kai Xiang

Vice Director (External)

“Heal the world!

Past Projects

Inter-RC Penpal
Graduands' Farewell
CAPT x RC4 Open Mic
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