11th Clubs & Societies Committee

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Director of Clubs & Societies

Ashley Kwan

Director's Message

Welcome to ClubSocs!
The Clubs and Societies Committee (ClubSocs) spearheads the development of the Arts & Culture scene in CAPT by overseeing and supporting the IGs and organising arts-related events.

At ClubSocs, we aim to create a vibrant and enriching arts culture in CAPT through the initiation and execution of college-wide arts and culture events to encourage CAPTains with different interests and skill levels to share their love and passion for the arts.

Our IG sessions are all beginner-friendly, to give an opportunity to all to try their hand in something new, where everyone is always welcome to join for a night of music jamming, crafts making or dancing! For the experienced, these sessions will continue to help hone skills and abilities under the guidance of the IG heads and members.

In addition, our events provide an opportunity for different IGs to showcase their talents and skills gained from IG sessions. Performing events, such as our flagship Arts Showcase concert, provides performers both new and experienced with a chance to stand on stage showcase their craft to all CAPTains.

Be sure to take part in our IG sessions and events as there is no interview or selection, just passion, fun and excitement! Ultimately, we hope that all CAPTains can have fun, make new friends and have an enjoyable CAPT journey!

Our Team


Nicholas Yek

Internal Vice Director

Resident Dishwasher and IG Fanatic


Lionel Lim

External Vice Director

Resident Wiring and Admin staff


Jolene Hoo

Developmental Vice Director

Resident Singer and Caretaker

Our Vision

To create an exciting, engaging and enjoyable CAPTlife experience through nurturing a vibrant and inclusive arts and culture scene.

Our Mission

To enable CAPTains to pursue their passion and interests as a close-knit community, as well as to foster innovation and meaningful interactions in the process.


Interest Groups

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Flagship Events

Art Showcase

Art Showcase is a yearly ClubSocs hallmark production. An amalgamation of all the performing arts Interest Groups, it features a wide variety of performances, such as musical, dance, singing and more! Art Showcase is definitely a production to look out for!

Art Showcase Committee

Art Showcase Committee is in charge of planning and organising Art Showcase. Led by ClubSocs’ External Vice Director and Events Managers, the committee strives to make the Art Showcase an event that is truly enjoyable and memorable. 

Admin & Logistics


Stage & Tech


Open Mic

Open Mic is a night of music and performances for CAPTains. A biannual event, Open Mic allows all CAPTains to showcase their musical passion and talent, regardless of their skill level.


CAPT’s Arts Festival (ArtsFest) is an annual carnival organised by ClubSocs. Look forward to an exciting and memorable night! Engage with our IGs through the many booths and fun activities lined up, and be serenaded by our performing arts IGs’ performances!


Amazing Experience

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