CE Fest 2022 : Rewriting stories

CE Fest Project Director

Chisin Chua 

Directors message

“Hello CAPTains! We are Chris and Chisin. CE Fest is CAPT’s annual flagship community engagement event! CE Fest has always been about breadth and scale: Bringing together as many hidden communities and as many CAPTains as possible. Join us on an adventure in Sem 2 exploring trails such as Life Beyond Bars and Morticians. It will surely be an opportunity to widen your perspectives!”

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CE Fest Project Director


Our Team



CE Fest Project Director


CE Fest Project Director


2022 Theme: Rewriting stories

The focus us placed upon changing our perceptions of hidden communities and rewriting the narratives of these hidden communities.

Project Vision

We envision CE Fest 2022 to be a large scale exposure event with the aim of CAPTains understanding and learning about hidden communities with an open mind.

Project Mission

Dispelling preconceived notions by getting CAPTains to identify their existing stereotypes through engagements with community partners.

Fascinating Trails

Guiding our Last Goodbyes:


Life Beyond Bars:

Tales of Our “Vanishing” Trades

Our Elderly Peddlers’ Stories

Rough Sleepers:

The Rocky Road

malaysia, penang, hawker food-2764558.jpg

A Young Hawker’s

Unconventional Quest

Unspoken Stories:

Unsupported Pregnancies

LGBTQ+ (1)

The Colourful World


Origins of Our

Island’s Produce


A Home Away From Home

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Faith(s) in Peace

Life Anew:

Recovering from Addiction

Join us on the journey today!