Welcome Home CAPTains

your home away from home

#whyCAPT? Because there’s something for everyone here – whether you like sweating it out at sports, jamming to tunes, the list goes on! Join us as you find a second home in your university life; we promise the journey will be vibrant and worthwhile

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Group 2

Freshman Orientation Programmes

Welcome to CAPT Freshmen Orientation Camp where you get to explore what it means to be a CAPTain. In this 4 day journey with us, you will forge new friendships, play games that will challenge you physically and mentally, and indulge you in the CAPT hallmark of community engagement. There will be lots of laughter and you may occasionally get splash with love and water from us! We hope that you will come in full of enthusiasm as you embark on this journey alongside your peers! We look forward to welcoming you to our home for the next 2 years.

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Group 2

See you on 2-5 Aug 2023!!

Sneak Peak of the Camp Preparation

The Game 1

A candidate from Roc is contesting! But, what game is this? Looks so exiciting…!

The Game N

Wow what game is this? You time to find it out!

The Game N+1

It’s a game where reflexes reign supreme and gravity takes a backseat. So, gear up, grab your teammates, and get ready to soar through the air like never before. The trashbags are flying, and victory is within your grasp. Let the trashbag-catching madness begin!

The Heros Behind the Programme


Hello fellow freshmen! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Jonathan, the Project Director for CAPT Freshman Orientation Camp 2023. This upcoming orientation is not just an event, but a gateway to a wealth of experiences waiting for you. We have an exciting array of activities in store that will not only allow you to mingle with other freshmen but also connect you with our valued community partners through the Community Engagement Day (CE Day). This is your chance to step into the shoes of a CAPTain and begin to weave the threads of friendships that will last well beyond the two years with us.


Hello, this is Aditi Joshi, VPD (Operations) for CAPT Freshman Orientation Camp 2023. It is extremely an honour to be a part of an enthusiastic team that has been working hard logistically, financially and has been curating exciting publicity campaigns to make the FOC 2023 the best experience freshman can ask for. Hope we succeed in making the FOC as inclusive and welcoming as CAPT is as a community.

I am Phoebe, your friendly VPD for progs, who loves to eat pigeons and birds species!! I love spiderman and get ready to dive headfirst into a sea of excitement, where every moment will be a rollercoaster ride of fun and friendship. Just as Spider-Man embraces the challenges and uncertainties that come with his crime-fighting responsibilities, freshmen orientation programmes help new students navigate the unfamiliar territory of college or university life. Both Spider-Man and FOC  encourage individuals to step outside their comfort zones and embrace new experiences. I hope all freshmen will feel that CAPT is not a place far from home for them.

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