CAPT Ambassadors

The face of CAPT, we represent CAPT’s core values, ethos, and vibrant community.

Matthias Tan

Project Director

“Life is like toilet paper, either you’re on a roll…”


Project Director

“...or taking crap from someone else.”

Directors' Message

Get ready for a premium tour of CAPT, led by a bunch of young, loud and noisy college kids!

We’re all about connecting with you and showing you around our vibrant community. Think of us as your lively tour guides, here to make your CAPT experience unforgettable! Hope to see you at one of our tours or feel free to reach out to us for a tour! Another day another slay.

The Team

Andrea Sim

Admin and Finance Head

I look better than the people above me.

Kathlyn Lee

Publicity Head

It’s about to go down.

Seow Mei En

Programmes, Training and Development Head

“Life’s a toilet bowl, flush the negativity away.

Past Projects

Family Night
CAPT Ambassadors are in charge of Family Night, one of CAPT’s flagship events. CAPTains can bring their family and friends for dinner with performances at the Dining Hall, visit exhibition booths at the MPSH and also tour around the various living spaces in CAPT.
School Engagements
CAPT Ambassadors have previously hosted various schools who want to learn more about the Residential College life in NUS, as well as NUS itself. The ambassadors will then bring the students on a guided tour around CAPT and Utown and provide them with insightful information about their University experiences.
Times Higher Education (THE) Campus Live South-east Asia Conference
On 8 December 2022, nearly 300 school leaders and decision makers in higher education gathered in NUS for THE Campus Live SE Asia conference. A college tour was led by CAPT Ambassadors to offer the attending delegates a taste of the unique residential life that CAPT has to offer.
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