What is ClubSocs?

Clubsocs promotes the arts and culture scene in CAPT, as well as various interests of CAPTains such as gardening, baking and coffee! There are three main areas of focus: the Clubsocs IGs that span a wide range of interests, events such as Arts Showcase and the management of Theme Rooms 1 and 2.

Clubsocs members join IGs regularly to understand what’s happening on the ground (and have fun of course!), set up for college events and help plan for Clubsocs CE and Arts Showcase. For the Theme Rooms, Clubsocs manages the booking of the rooms and ensures their cleanliness by conducting periodic spot checks to catch errant users, as well as having regular cleaning and purging.

What can I approach the ClubSocs committee for?

You can approach the ClubSocs committee for booking of the various Theme Rooms or if you wish to work with any of the current IGs for community engagement etc. Feel free to approach us if you have a interest you wish to pursue in CAPT as well!

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Instagram: @clubsocs.capt