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Hello CAPTains and fellow alumni! 🙂

I’m looking to engage a Digital Design trainee at Foreword Coffee Roasters via the YouthTech program.

Foreword is a social enterprise which provides an inclusive workplace for persons with disabilities, special needs, and mental health conditions. We currently run 4 coffee outlets in Singapore and are expecting to grow almost 2x in the second half of this year!

This is a full-time traineeship that spans across 9 months. Join us if:

1) You are a graduating student and are exploring interests in the social enterprise landscape, especially where social inclusion meets coffee

2) Have basic digital design skills to create effective visuals not just for marketing purposes but also like to challenge yourself to create visual aids to support our employees with special needs

3) Patience, empathy, and creativity are values you uphold, which allows you to assimilate well with our team of very diverse individuals.

Feel free to share this opportunity with others who might be interested - not just from uni, but poly and ITE also can - and feel free to PM me for more details!

Thank you!


p.s.: main perk of our job? Never have to pay for coffee while working 🙊☕️

1 month 2 days ago

CAPT also had its first CAPT Musical on 8 Feb, 2014.

It was a mammoth undertaking held at the UCC theatre involving many people from all Houses, many days and nights of practices, many man hours in logistics, a lot of support from our CAPT teacher-mentors, and true grit and sheer dedication from everyone involved.

I was thoroughly inspired by how talented my friends in CAPT are. I will never forget how Prof Seow had stood up in the audience to give us a standing ovation.

Beauty World, Cha Cha Cha.

1 month 1 week ago

Hi Alumni! I'm a Y1 CAPTain trying to find out the history of CAPT's IGs from 10 years ago (It's for a JS Mod,,, my group has to make a virtual exhibition since next year would be CAPT's 10th anniversary)
Would really appreciate if anyone here doesn't mind giving me any information about what IGs were formed/closed/merged in any period from 2012 to now! Thank youu

1 month 3 days ago

Hey CAPT Alumni! I am an Y1 CAPTain and my group is currently reading a museum mod for our JS. We are currently tasked with creating a virtual exhibition to celebrate our upcoming 10th Year Anniversary in CAPT!
Our group is currently focusing on memories that have been made by CAPTains over the 10 years in CAPT, and one of our collections is to showcase Freshmen Orientation Camps over the years. May I ask if anyone is able to share with us pictures of your old CAPT FOC shirts and also some stories about your most memorable experiences/stories during FOC? We are super appreciative of your help and are excited to hear your stories!

Thank you!

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Angsana College’s inaugural Open Mic was held on 21st March 2013. It was held at The Flying Seed.

Here, we had talented Angsanians singing, sharing poetry, doing poetry slamming and sharing unique works of sonification. Timothy Tan for instance - our resident extremely talented algorithmic sound artist - ingeniously created an otherworldly experience with our College’s Fire Alarm Announcement.

It was a night filled with the lustre of a silent, starry night, and the warmth of a hut in the winter snow. The Angsana Fam was huddled together over the comfort of literature, laughter, music & stories.

Here’s a toast to the first Open Mic peeps in the annals of Angsana College/CAPT: Sonal, Ming Tjong, Charmaine, Heidi Chan, Jun Hao, Karan, Timothy, Haoguang & Joshua Cheah. Special thanks to our resident Music/Artistic Director Michael Tjin for helming this inaugural Open Mic.

Photo: Hao Guang

4 weeks 1 day ago

The name, The College of Alice and Peter Tan, was officially given the go-ahead by former NUS President Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, on 21 January 2013. We all officially became Captains.

At this point, we were still Black, Red, Yellow, Green and Blue House.

Hood Names - Tulpar, Phoenix, Garuda, Dragon, Roc - were confirmed in time for CAPT’s inaugural Neighbourhood Shield (NBS) (subsequently called The Inter-Neighbourhood Shield or INS). This epochal Shield was held from 20-22 Feb 2013.

There were the following games: Foosball, English and Chinese Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly Deal, Draw Something and Contract Bridge. Each House sent 17 representatives to take on these games.

House Reps who led the way forward: Eng Chye, Val Lim, Shaun Ramdas, Tuck Yan & Ching Siang.

The first House to win in the Neighbourhood Shield in the annals of CAPT - Phoenix.

Photo: Kai Ying

And I got to live the dream -

4 weeks 2 days ago

In 2013, some members of Guitarpella soon left Guitarpella to form a new Music Interest Group.

These members wanted to try out a different form of music direction. They wanted to create “Jam Sessions” - informal musical processes involving instrumentalists who would improvise music without extensive preparation or predefined arrangements, except when playing well-known jazz standards or covers of existing popular songs.

These Jam Sessions, also known as ‘Free Flow Sessions', are today, often used by musicians to develop new material and arrangements. Music from these sessions would sometimes have this trademark, unburnished tang to it, but is always replete with subtle surprises, verve and musicality.

Thus Jam City was born.

Our maiden performance was on 28 August 2013, during CAPT’s second annual formal dinner. This dinner was graced by former President Mr S. R. Nathan. It was on this day, that the drums rolled and we proclaimed to the College for the first time our would-be traditional beckoning call, “Give it up for Jam City yo!” Jam City would also take on community projects such as Family Day by Bedok CC in the subsequent years.

Founding Members of Jam City:

Esmond Chan, Claudia Toh, Skye Soon, Michael Tjin, Darren Wang, Tzu Ying Zinc Lee.

Together, Guitarpella and Jam City would work really hard, with their distinct styles, to raise the bar of CAPT’s early music culture.

Once more...
Give it up for Jam City yo

1 month 1 day ago

I just had to share this video from CAPT FOC 2014. Breaking stereotypes even back then 😂

1 month 1 day ago

Most of the founding members of Guitarpella, when it was first formed during the Rumbling of New Interest Groups in 2012.

When the College of Alice & Peter Tan was still Angsana College.

Back then, we began with an empty room and some long, white tables - Theme Room 1 at first, before we were moved to Theme Room 2. While waiting for microphones, amps and speakers, we brought our own guitars and also began with a capella.

We were fortunate to have the master of harmony and vocals Shaun Niyo-Ramdas guide us on how to sing a capella and arrange our vocal pieces for us. We were also fortunate to have many masters of guitar-playing Esmond Chan Cheritawnypelt Michael Tjin Jeffrey Vanessa Lee Yi-Min Lim arrange the plucking and chord progressions together so that they could be creative and in harmony with the vocal arrangements. You could say that the stars aligned before the time came for public performances.

Michael - our resident artistic/music director, meanwhile, was hard at work with the procurement of microphones, amplifiers and cajons. Subsequently, as the year went by, there came the drum set, the sound-proofing of Theme Room 2 (Afterwards called The Black Box, but colloquailly called The Jamming Room), better microphones, etc. He was bouncing around between Prof Greg and the burgeoning music culture of CAPT.

This performance here was during CAPT's inaugural Halloween Dinner in 2012. We sang Zombie & Mad World. It remains to be one of my favourite memories back in Angsana College / CAPT. The army of guitarists and vocalists on stage, was the sensational trademark of the name, Guitarpella.

Founding Members of Guitarpella (2012): Shaun Ramdas, Cheri, Yuting, Jun Hao, Michael Tjin, Esmond Chan, Claudia Toh, Sergio Rinaldi, Jeffrey, Yi-Min, Ines, Vanessa.

The idea of Guitarpella was first founded over Butter Chicken, Maggi Goreng with Fried Egg and Naan Bread from Ameens.

Over such awesome food, Shaun, Cheri, Yuting and I were discussing excitedly with our fellow OG mates in the OG, Captain America, at 14th floor lounge, about forming a music Interest Group. This was August 2012.

We generated a slew of ideas for its name, which eventually decanted into "Guitarpella". We felt that this name married both components of instruments & a capella very well.

Guitarpella it was.

Together with friends from other Houses who agreed with this name of an IG and the artistic direction it was going to take, we brought up the first Music IG of CAPT.

Video Credits: Esmond Chan

1 month 2 days ago

Does the Face Wall still exist? ✌️

Been seeing many posts signifying a Blast to the Past.

There was this Face Wall. We put up the various coloured cloths after the Houses first got their House Names, and after FOC’2013, back in 2013.

1 month 4 days ago

Hello CAPT alumni!
I'm a Y1 in CAPT and we're currently doing a JS project to create an exhibition for CAPT's 10 years.
We're looking for your stories from any of these categories:
* Friendships/Romantic relationships that formed in CAPT and are still going
* House Traditions/Cheers during your time
* Social Enterprises/Projects outside of CAPT that you or your friends started that are still going on today

We'd really appreciate all your stories about any of these! Thanks in advance 🙂

1 month 4 days ago

Hey ex-CAPTains! I am a Y1 CAPTain attending a JS about museums, and we are tasked with designing a virtual exhibition for CAPT's 10th anniversary.

My group is focusing on House culture and would appreciate it if anyone is willing to come forward with interesting anecdotes about the history of CAPT's respective houses, or your general house experience (can be general or year/house specific)! We are also looking for images of the house shirts/merchandise for the past 10 years 🙂

Thank you!

1 month 3 weeks ago

Hello CAPTains!

Check out this chance to TRAVEL OVERSEAS this summer!!

🌎Summer Programme Offering 🌎 Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) - Global Entrepreneurship Summer School
14 June to 11 July 2021

🔵Register by: Thurs, 8 April 2021
🔵Programme fee: USD$1,780 (approx. S$2,400)
🔵NUS Southeast Asia funding of S$1,200 available to all eligible full-time NUS undergraduates.

*#didyouknow *
🥳Brunei has had zero community cases of COVID-19 since May 2020.
🤗Students can travel under the Reciprocal Green Lane arrangement with Brunei and will not be subjected to 2-week SHN* upon arrival or return.

*students will have to self-isolate for up to 3 days - accommodation arranged by UBD

🤨Find out more:

🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️Register for our Zoom info session 23 March (Tue), 7pm:

Fees include:
i) Airport transfer
ii) Post-arrival swab test
iii) Accommodation
iv) All meals
v) Excursions
vi) All programme-related transport

2 months 1 hour ago

Hi Alumni! 👋🏼👋🏼

Sign-ups for alumHIKES are now open!!! 🥳😛

Date: 20 March 2021 (Week 9 Saturday)
Time: 9-1pm

First 50 alumni to sign up will receive an exclusive hiking bag with everything you need for the hike!! 🤩

Grab your friends along & sign up now at to have an experience of a lifetime!! We hope to see you there! 🌴🌞🌻

9th EXA

2 months 1 day ago

Dear Students,

South Central Community FSC ( is looking for CAPTAINs to intern with them this summer break.

The broad scope includes the following:
1. Involvement in Gifts Compass – an asset mapping in the community exercise. Will require the interns to support our colleagues in identifying gifts and assets in the community, documenting this and looking at ways to connect members to each other based on assets identified. May include home visits/community visits with our colleagues.
1. Planning and executing community initiatives that allow community members to be more connected to each other
1. Process evaluation, documenting and reporting of some community initiatives that we have identified

All these would require rapport building, conversations with the community, ability to reflect on the work and its impact, a ‘can-do’ attitude and a good sense of humor.

If you are keen to take up this opportunity as the CS/CU UE module - community internship (, over 8 weeks during the summer break (May to July), please:

- have a look at the documents ( and

- email Ms Sue Chang Koh ( by 19 March 2021 to arrange for a discussion.

This internship is done as a group so you can work alongside your friends in CAPT too!

Dr Toh

2 months 1 week ago


...AND WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!! **Tune in on CAPT’s YouTube channel** for our very first E-Open House Livestream, and tell your friends who might want to find out more about CAPT to tune in too!

Here’s what we have lined up for you:

✅ **Live sharings**🙊 from CAPTains and fellows about community engagement, our curriculum, and what residential and student life is like in CAPT

✅ Live chat Q&A⁉️

✅ Videos and performances💃

✅ And a **lucky draw**🎉 with a JBL Clip 4 Speaker and Logitech K380 Keyboard up for grabs!

# **CAPT e-Open House Live Stream Event**

Saturday, 6 March 2021

11AM - 2PM


**If you’re busy, you can still help!** Turn on the stream in the background to support us, or catch the event uploaded on CAPT’s YouTube channel afterwards.

Hope to see you there!

2 months 1 week ago

Hi Alumni! 👋

Do you miss having IG sessions in the MPSH? 🥺 EXA & Sports Committee present to you **Alumni Sports Night**!

Date: 12 March 2021 (Week 8 Fri)

Time: 7-10pm

• Captain’s Ball: 7:10-8:30pm

• Dodgeball: 8:35-10pm

We will be conducting 2 sports, Captain's Ball and Dodgeball. Each team will consist of 4 players, made up of 2 Alumni and 2 CAPTains. You can choose to sign up individually or with your friends! Refreshments will also be provided after the sports.

What are you waiting for? Come back for a night of fun and excitement with other alumni and also CAPTains who are currently residing in CAPT!

Spots are limited as we are unable to accommodate too many people in the MPSH, so sign up fast at before these spots run out!

We hope to see you there!


9th EXA x Sports Committee

2 months 1 week ago


@27 family service centre ( has been partnering CAPT over the last few semesters on various food aid projects to support their clients.

An opportunity has came up for CAPTAINs to intern with them to develop the programmes further.

The broad scope includes the following:

1) Assistance with food aid programmes

2) Exposure to centre operations and to FSC clientele groups

3) Evaluation of service delivery and processes

If you are keen to take up this opportunity as the CS/CU UE module - community internship (, over 8 weeks during the summer break (May to July), please

- have a look at the documents ( and

- email Dr Toh ( by 19 March 2021 to discuss further.

This internship is done as a group so you can work alongside your friends in CAPT too!

Dr Toh

2 months 3 weeks ago

Are you (or do you know of) a recent graduate who has a heart for PWDs? Are you able to do a part-time Research Assistant job for an MSF-funded research project (2021-23) parked in CAPT? We need someone who's a self-starter, independent and able to coordinate, set and meet deadlines for different stages of the project, and manage the funds. Training and familiarity with qualitative social science/public health research methods/disciplines (longitudinal journaling/interviews online or via email; Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Disability Studies, Public Health) would be an advantage.
This is a qualitative research study and will include journal responses, interviews and/or focus group discussions.
Expressions of interest or queries should be addressed to Dr Justin Lee (, Dr Gayatri Kembhavi-Tam ( and A/P Reuben Wong (

3 months 3 weeks ago

As another sem begins, Reading Room is back to present the first review for this sem: Finding Life in the Land of Alzheimer’s 👵🏼👴🏼

by Lauren Kessler✨

If you would like to borrow the reviewed book or other books and/or have any qn abt the Reading Room, tele Ryn @rynalfiah / Pei Juan @peijuan