Welcome to Tulpar

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House Heads 

Jeremiah Ong (Left) and Zoey Chan (Right)

House Heads message

Soaring above the rest is TULPAR!!!!!
Located from the 15th to 17th floor, you will not find any other place with a better view of those BEEEEEAUTIFULL sunsets

Did you know that Tulpar has always been top 5 in inter-neighbourhood competitions? (WOW SO TALENTED)

You’ll definitely vibe in this house regardless of your interests and hobbies (WOOOO TULPAR FAMILYYYY)

If you’re looking for a caring, fun and chaotic house, look no further. You can expect random supper jios, karaoke sessions and late night shenanigans in the house of black.


What have we been up to?

Amazing Race

Starting off the year with an amazing race, Tulpies run around their new home tgt completing challenges, having fun, and getting to know their fellow houemates!

Escape Room

In this closed room mystery game, fellow Tulpar members must solve puzzles and riddles together in order to escape happily ever after.

Open Mic

An event where Tulpar members are able to perform in front of their friends, for their friends, with their friends, whatever they want, from songs and music to mukbang and workouts, there’s room for every Tulpie on stage.

Who are our RAs and RFs?

prof seow

Tulpar’s Residential Fellow

Prof Seow Teck Keong

Tulpar’s Residential Assistants

(from left to right) Chung Wen Tong, Georgia Sim, Jazli Mustafa

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