Welcome to Tulpar

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House Heads 

Edric (Left) and Rachel (Right)

House Heads message

Soaring above the rest is TULPAR!!!!! 🦄🖤 Located from the 15th to 17th floor, we have the most stunning views of the sunset 🌆 and hearsay the most amazing Tulpies 🤭

Did you know that Tulpar has always been top 5 in inter-neighbourhood competitions? (WOW SO UPZ 🤯)

If you’re looking for a warm, caring, fun and chaotic house, look no further! 🤩 You can expect random gym and supper jios, hawker run, bridge games and late night shenanigans in the house of black 🤪🤙🏻

No matter your interests or passions, there is always a place for you 🫵🏻 in Tulpar and we’re confident that you’ll find your own Tulpar family here with us 🥰❤️


What have we been up to?

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Supper Bus

An event most fitting for this foodie house, our Tulpies get to hit some amazing supper spots, and bond with their fellow housemates over delicious food!

Angel & Mortal

It’s welfare and pranking season when A&M approaches – Tulpies will unleash the funniest pranks on each other and will also give the loveliest welfare!

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Open Mic

An event where Tulpar members are able to perform in front of their friends, for their friends, with their friends, whatever they want, from songs and music to mukbang and workouts, there’s room for every Tulpie on stage.

Our Friendly RF and RAs!


Tulpar’s Residential Fellow

Dr Toh Tai Chong

Residential Assistant 


Residential Assistant 

Ji Wei

Residential Assistant 

Shi Pian

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