Welcome to Phoenix

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Phoenix House Heads

Rachel (left) & Jia Yu (right)

House Heads' Message

HELLO everybirdy ‼️‼️ welcome to 🔥 PHOENIX 🔥 the house of fire, nest to the hottest firechicks in utown 🐥🐥🐥 located on levels 12 to 14  🪺🏘

We love having meals at all times of the day 🍽 playing mahjong 🀄️and having random conversations anywhere 🍅🍖🌶 ! everybirdy has a place in this Phoe-mily and in our hearts ❤️❤️❤️

Phoenix welcomes every-birdy with open wings and you can look forward to seeing the most spectacular sunsets 🌆 and meeting the warmest people on these floors 💗 whether you’re tall, taller, feathery, or fluffy, there’s a place for you in Phoenix to rise to greater heights 🐓

🌶🎯🚨🚑💢 PHOENIIIIIIX BURN!! 🔴🔥🧨☎️🍎

What have we been up to?

Angel & Mortal

Ever wanted to do something nice or play a prank on your friends? Join our Angel & Mortal event!

Waffle Night

Enjoy delicious waffles with us! Join our Waffle nights for some yummies!


Another one of our signature events! Join our annual Assassins event to play a first-person shooter game in real life!


Our Friendly RF and RAs!

Phoenix’s Resident Fellow
Dr. Kankana

Residential Assistant 


Residential Assistant 


Residential Assistant 

Wei Fei

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