Welcome to Garuda

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House Heads 

Bryan Ong (left) and Ethan Cheung (right)

House Heads message

Garuda is the house that never sleeps! We have Garudians making supper at 4am and eating breakfast at 7am 🥞 From playing bridge🃏and mahjong 🀄️ to taking a slow walk to grab supper 🥪, heart-to-heart talks💞 to dancing your hearts out to TikTok songs🎵, supermarket runs🛒 to evening sunset runs with Garuda🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️(shoutout to gaRUNda!!💨), Garudians are constantly kept busy with all the things they get to do!

Filled with tons of active residents, the events such as Halloween👻, Angel & Mortal😈 and even our very first rendition of Garubesties👯‍♀️ have proven to be fan favourites among Garudians 💛 Despite all the fun we have together, Garudians are also hardworking individuals 📃 If you walk past the lounges past midnight, you might see our Garudians hard at work, shhhh 🤫

We are all warm, friendly and welcoming! 🥺 Join our ✨garu gang✨ and experience all the goodness yourself 🤯💛

What have we been up to?


Escaping virtual dungeons with housemates!

Garu Sports Night

Garudians showing off our upz sports skills


Getting to know our fellow housemates <3

Mid Autumn Festival

Nothing better than celebrating with friends


Spooky season ~~

Who are our RAs and RFs?

Garuda’s Residential Fellow 

Dr Misty Cook

Residential Assistant 

Chloe Tan


Residential Assistant 

Bing Qi

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Residential Assistant 

David Ang 

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