Welcome to Garuda

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House Heads 

Shashank (left) and Huixin (right)

House Heads Message

Welcome to Garuda 🤩💛 The house known for the it’s vibrancy and never-ending shenanigans, situated between levels 9 to 11!

At Garuda, whether you are a sports-kia or a homebody, we have something for you 🫵🏻 From Garu Sports Nights 🏸, to Among Us, to Garu Hikes 🏃🏻‍♂️ and late night mahjong 🀄️ and bridge, rest assured our lounges never sleep and you will never be bored!

Looking for something of a larger scale? We got you too! We have GARUBestie, Angel and Moral, Supper Bus, and GARUween lined up for your enjoyment ☀️

Besides our events, Garuda is here to act as a home away from home, where you can find a safe space and feel welcomed 🏡

What have we been up to?

Garu Supper Bus

Suppering with Prof and friends!

Garu Yakult Tour

Visiting the Yakult Factory together~

Garu CNY Hotpot

Xin Nian Kuai Le!!! 🧧🧧🍊🍊🐉🐉

Garu @ ING

Nothing better than playing sports with friends

Garu @ ASC

Supporting our awesome dancers

Our Friendly RF and RAs!

Garuda’s Residential Fellow 

Dr Misty Cook

Residential Assistant 


Residential Assistant 

Bing Qi

Residential Assistant 


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