The Urban and the Wild: Reading Urban Progress in Southeast Asia Ecocritically.
Dr Jinat Rehana Begum

This module aims to develop the ecocritical* awareness essential for understanding and navigating cities in an age of climate crisis. Students of this module will focus on reading, thinking and writing ecocritically about urban development in Singapore and other cities in Southeast Asia where urban development has displaced nature and wildlife. This will involve employing close-reading strategies traditionally employed in literary analysis to read stories, poetry, movies, paintings and photographs alongside historical, geographical, and psychological accounts that examine urbanisation and its effects on the human and nonhuman inhabitants of cities. *Ecocriticism, which is committed to examining the relationship between humans and nonhumans, has its roots in literary studies. As a discipline, ecocriticism has expanded beyond Literature and includes a range of diverse disciplines including the environmental science, history, geography, sociology, psychology and politics.


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