What is Sports Comm?

Sports Comm oversees the sports scene here in CAPT. We have two main roles in CAPT – one is to maintain the existing Sports Interest Groups like Basketball, Tchoukball, Soccer and etc. while also facilitating and guiding any CAPTains that would like to start a new Sports Interest Group. The second role is to plan for both the intra and inter college sporting events such as Inter Neighbourhood Games and Inter College Games.

Through these roles that we have, Sports Committee aims to unite CAPT through sports by providing a common platform for different neighbourhoods to come together for Inter neighbourhood friendships to be forged. Sports Committee also aims to use sports as an avenue for CE and health advocacy through our annual events like CE Sports Week and Health Awareness Week respectively.

What can I approach the sports committee for?

If you have the passion to start a new sport and believe that it would engage CAPTains, feel free to approach any sports comm member! They’ll be able to advise you in whatever ways that would be necessary 🙂

If you’re looking to book the MPH, do check the Calendar schedule on the booking page before submitting your booking request! For any other queries or doubts, drop us an email at sports.capt@gmail.com!

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