What is SAC?

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) manages and enhances the college welfare within CAPT. This is done via various events such as Inter-College Halloween, Welcome-Back Dinner, Inter-Neighbourhood Shield and CAPT Buddy. SAC is also in charge of the Flying Seed, CAPT Card and the End of Semester Welfare Packs. SAC enables the coverage of both tangible and intangible ways of enhancing the welfare of CAPTains through the means as described above.

What is CAPT Buddy?

CAPT Buddy is a buddy program where a local buddy would be paired with an exchange student so as to introduce exchange students to Singapore lifestyle while the local buddies can learn other cultures. Friendship can be forged through a list of activity in the program.

What can I approach SAC for?

Should you have any initiatives, ideas or exciting projects concerning CAPTain’s welfare, please do not hesitate to contact Krittin, SAC Director, via sac.capt@gmail.com