What is EXA?

The External Affairs (EXA) Committee aims to build sustainable relationships as well as forge friendships with external parties, mainly with our two main areas of focus: Outreach (other residential colleges) and Alumni. EXA acts as the main liaison between CAPT and other colleges as well as CAPT alumni.

In addition, EXA is in charge of planning events which provide opportunities as well as a platform for current CAPTains to interact with students from other residential colleges and our CAPT alumni. EXA has organised events like the Alumni Brunch, Graduand’s Party, and CAPTure the Fl4g. Furthermore, EXA also ensures that the CAPT Alumni is regularly updated on the current CAPT events through various platforms.

“For I am a CAPTain, and always will be a CAPTain”


What can I approach the EXA Committee for?

Should you have any initiatives, ideas or exciting projects concerning Alumni or Inter-college activities , please do not hesitate to approach any EXA member, or contact EXA via email at exa.capt@gmail.com

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