About Us

CAPT Support is a mental health initiative which aims to raise awareness about mental wellness and mental illnesses through Advocacy as well as to provide CAPTains with emotional support through Peer Support.

We constantly aim to be a legitimate source of information and support with regards to mental health and wellbeing and continuously develop new and innovative initiatives to better support CAPTains.

There has been a growing interest in mental health and wellness amongst Singaporean students and organisations over the past few years. However, there are still gaps in the current system which limit the extent to which the general CAPT population can fully engage themselves in the conversation about mental health and wellness, and educate themselves about the ways through which they can support themselves and the people around them who are in need of emotional support.


To be a source of support for fellow CAPTains as they are empowered to care for their own mental and emotional well-being and that of their communities, following the motto “support ourselves as we support others”.


To develop:

  • A supportive environment where it is okay to be vulnerable, where CAPTains can receive non-judgmental help and support;
  • A resilient community that is capable of treating issues of mental health and illness with compassion and respect;
  • An empathetic mindset which we hope will permeate into every aspect of CAPT life to become the core and culture of our CAPT community.

Organisational Structure

CAPT Support consists of two wings – (1) Advocacy Wing and (2) Peer Support Wing.

(1) Advocacy Wing

Advocacy Wing aims to raise mental health awareness and literacy, and de-stigmatise conversations about mental health issues through advocacy campaigns as well as facilitating open conversations about mental health.

(2) Peer Support Wing

Peer Support Wing aims to empower CAPTains to take better care of themselves through Self-Care and better support their peers in need through our Peer Support System, consisting of Peer/Neighbour Supporters, and Support Space, a safe place to discuss and learn about mental health, and seek support from Peer Supporters.