CAPT Buddy AY18/19 Sem 2


The Student Affairs Committee warmly welcomes the exchangers to CAPT! We are glad to have you as part of our CAPT community!!!!

To ease the exchangers into the CAPT environment and Singapore, CAPT Buddy is a programme by the SAC to help international students experience the culture here in CAPT & Singapore!

In CAPT Buddy, local and exchange CAPTains will form families and participate in activities together (food trails, night cycling) or even initiate their own!

CAPTBuddy is a great platform to find out about different cultures and forge friendships from across the world! JOIN CAPTBUDDY for an enriching experience learning about different cultures and making new friends through fun activities!!!

SIGN UP NOW at https://tinyurl.com/CAPTBUDDYSEM2 !!! Registration closes WEEK 1, SATURDAY, 19 JAN 1200 HOURS 🙂


Open Mic 2019: Cheap Thrills

Hey CAPTains! Have you ever thought of putting up a priceless performance? Clubsocs proudly presents the long awaited CAPT Open Mic – Cheap Thrills, which is happening on 30 Jan (Week 3 Wed)!

The mic is free for anyone to sing, act or drop the mic and start dancing. You can do it solo or as a group. Come on down and perform with fellow CAPTains to provide some cheap thrills for your friends!🤑🤑🤑
Sign up now! Link: tinyurl.com/captopenmic2019
Sign ups close this Friday, 18 Jan 2359!


Signups for CE Fest Organising Team

Hello CAPTains!

Signups for CE Fest Organising Team has opened!

What is CE Fest?
Community Engagement (CE) is an integral part of CAPT’s vision. CE Festival is the annual flagship event of CAPT which celebrates the uniqueness of different communities, community engagement and relationships forged with our partners.

During the event, we hope to bring people from different communities to interact and learn. Through our activities, we hope that they may gain a better understanding of one another.

Following the last iteration of CE Fest, CE Fest 2019 will organise various trails which focus on meeting, engaging and learning from the communities on the ground. CE Fest 2018 had trails such as Dumpster Diving, Mortician, Forget-Me-Not and Homeless, just to name a few.

CE Fest 2019 is tentatively scheduled to be from 22 – 23 March 2019.If you are interested in planning one of CAPT’s biggest events relating to community engagement, come and join us!

Sign up at: https://tinyurl.com/cefest19
Sign-ups close 2359hr, 9 November 2018!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Daryl(98753292) or Gek (97728793).


CAPT Kamal 2019 Signups

Hey CAPTains, registrations for the CAPT Kamal OSL trip are open from now till November 2nd 2359!

The trip will be in Semester 2, tentatively in the last two weeks of May.

All youth should have access to a proper education!  During Kamal, you will have the chance to work with students from Bangalore in a meaningful and impactful way. Most of these students come from vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds, at risk of dropping out of school. Seize this opportunity to join us in implementing sustainable academic and non-academic programmes to aid in the holistic growth and development of these youth.

The 7 subcommittees are:

– Publicity

– Welfare

– Programmes

– Logistics

– Administration

– Finance

SIGN UP NOW: https://tinyurl.com/OSLMEMBERS2019

About CAPT Kamal: http://capt.nus.edu.sg/events-highlights/capt-kamal

For more information, feel free to WhatsApp En Ci @ 86121712 or Naeson @ 92722866



HELLO CAPTains! Do keep an eye out for a new initiative to be launched by CAPT Support this week!

We’re nearing the middle of the semester already and the pace of workload and other commitments are beginning to pick up too – how about taking a moment to pause and have a good chat with friends to check on how they’ve been and how our experiences in CAPT and university life have been so far? Bring a friend and come down and join us on selected Tuesday nights starting Week 6 at 8-10pm at the Basement 1 cafe area for our first ever session of ourCAPTconversation!

Inspired by the national conversation initiative Our Singapore Conversation back in 2013, we too look forward to sparking off a new and ongoing conversation with and between fellow CAPTains to talk about how our university experience has been for us! In this process, let us come together and uncover the things that we value in our everyday life, and how these could help us to pay closer attention to our own well-being too! We hope to see you there 



Intercollege Halloween Signups

Hey Boo-tiful 😉👌🏽👽🔥 Have you ever wanted to be a Halloween Horror Night Scarer? 👻‼👻‼ Do you enjoy scaring your friends? Have you ever wanted to create your own version of a Haunted House? 🧟‍♂🆘🌝🧛🏼‍♀🌚❌

👽Here’s your chance to do it👽


Date: 26th October
Your role includes:
-Ideation 🧠
-Facilitation 👩🏼‍🏫
-Costume 👻
-Props making 🔪
-Scaring 👹

Wanna be part of your beautiful halloween house committee?

With Love, (creepin it real👅)

Looking Back

Looking Back: ACE Migrants Fledgling 2018

Last Saturday, in an event held jointly by the Ministry of Manpower and National Youth Council, some of our CAPTains engaged in a panel discussion on the changing narrative of creating a safe and fair workplace for migrant workers and explored Tuas View Dormitory. Natania Seah from Roc reflects on the experience:

“The tour around the Tuas View Dormitory was an engaging and intriguing experience. Despite being part of the ACE Migrants committee for a year, I had personally never visited a foreign workers’ dormitory prior to this opportunity by the National Youth Council. As such, I approached the trip with curiosity and with little knowledge of what to expect, eager to catch a glimpse into the lives of Singapore’s “invisible visible”.

The first tangible thing that struck me was the sheer size of the dormitory – spanning 8.4 hectares, it has a capacity of roughly 16 000 people. Available on the premises are clinics, several hardware stores, remittance services, a barber, and even a cinema. The idea of this whole separate, self-sustaining community existing within Singapore but not so-called “with” Singapore made me quite pensive – the dichotomy between the lives of Singaporeans, and the migrant workers who build up a country they have no idea about, was very stark to me in that instant.

The dormitory also has various amenities such as gyms, pool tables, dart boards, and air-conditioned reading rooms. While on tour, we noticed the clean, well-maintained grounds and large open areas. While assuredly impressive, as I shared later on during a group reflection, it is salient to note that this dormitory is among the best, if not the best of what Singapore has to offer in terms of accommodation for foreign workers. Overcrowding and poor sanitation are some of the many imperative issues that still exist. The efforts of civil society groups such as Healthserve, TWC2, and Itsrainingraincoats cannot be discounted in their crusade to better the lives of migrant workers in Singapore, of whom we should be more cognisant and appreciative of.”

As we can see from Natania’s reflection, the event was truly an eye-opening experience that gave our CAPTains many insights into the lives of migrant workers in Singapore. If you’re interested in engaging in similar events, do keep an eye out for more from our ACE committee!