CAPT in Mind

Hey CAPTains!

“Everyday objects surround us, the unconditional keepers of confessions and secrets. They are with us in those private moments when we think we are alone, as we check ourselves in the mirror, scratch an itch or allow ourselves a sigh or a sob. What if those inanimate witnesses to silent thought and hidden emotion had stories to tell?” (Krishna Udayasankar)

Introducing CAPT in Mind, a shared photo journal that aims to showcase glimpses into the lives of CAPTains through the stories that only our belongings can tell. Take a photograph of an object that is meaningful to you and tell us why in a journal entry. Perhaps it represents a significant moment, got you through a challenging time, or brings about a sense of happiness or nostalgia. Describe it, write a reflection or poem about it — express yourself! All CAPTains can sign up to be a part of this shared anonymous photo journal.

All entries will be compiled and put up on Level 1. Be assured that the entries are displayed anonymously, unless you choose to write your name in your journal entry! If you have any questions, feel free to dm us at on Instagram!

Do sign up via this link to contribute to CAPT in Mind!
Signups will close on 22 Feb, Friday 2359.

With Love,
CAPT Support


Finding Beauty in Brokenness

Hello, CAPTains!

CAPT Support presents Finding Beauty in Brokenness, a workshop conducted by Christine, the founder of Awful Grace. This will take place on Wed, 20 Feb, 8.30pm-10.30pm, where CAPTains will be brought through a meaningful pottery activity that brings out the beauty in brokenness, and the value of resilience in overcoming adversity. After the workshop, you’ll get to bring home a small pottery piece of your own! You will need to pay a token sum of $2 for your own pottery piece (please bring cash on the day itself). There are limited slots available, so do sign up now! 🙂

Sign-ups will close on 19 Feb, Tuesday 2359. After submitting your response, we will contact you shortly.

Hope to see you there!!

With Love,
CAPT Support


CAPT Rag n Flag 2019 Fundraising

Hey CAPTains! Do not have an EZ link card for printing or for the laundry room?? Fret not, we got you covered 😎 As part of CAPT Rag n Flag 2019 fundraising, we will be selling this limited edition CAPT EZ LINK card!! (Yup seniors it’s different from the card you got last year 😄) All proceeds will go to New Hope Community Services!

Normal EZ link cards will be priced at $10 (no value) and an additional $2 if you would like to have your name or a personalized message on your card! Additionally, customized EZ link cards would be sold at a discounted price in bulks of 5 for $45!  

We will have a Preorder form in the link below! *Preorders will close on 21/2 1700*

If you have any queries, feel free to contact Joel (9173 0817) or Brandon (9680 6927)!


Rag n Flag 2019 💓


Our CAPT Conversations

Hello, CAPTains! ❤

CAPT Support is having our first initiative of the semester on Mental Health! We will be revisiting some of the themes covered in Sem 1 to bring across a more coherent message about the relevance of mental health in our everyday lives, and the difference between mental health and mental illness. 

Look out for our posters in the common areas and send any questions that you may have about the topic to All questions are welcome and we will address them in the first Our CAPT Conversations session on 11 Feb, 7.30pm to 9pm, at B1, beside the cafe.

Look out also for our subsequent activities that aim to help CAPTains to be more aware of their own mental health and that of others, and learn how they can better support themselves and the people around them.

Thank you and we hope to see you there!! 

With Love, 
CAPT Support ❤


CAPTSLAM 4.0 Mentor Recruitment

Hi everyone!! It’s CAPTSLAM again!!!!!

CAPTSLAM 4.0 is a mentoring project in Semester 2 with Queensway Secondary School. It is a meaningful opportunity to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and do something good for a community you might not always engage with: youth who might require guidance and support from an older sibling figure.

There will be a total of 7 sessions on Saturday mornings and a trip to Cambodia in early June. Along with a buddy mentor, you will have 3-4 mentees under you whom you will interact with and grow together. As mentors, you will also have the opportunity to think deeper and more meaningfully about the impact of mentoring and the role you play in the mentees’ lives.

Sign up at by Friday, 15 Feb, 2359H.
If you have any queries, feel free to contact Colin or Min Xin (see newsletter for contact)!! We are rly very friendly 🙂


We CAPT On Writing

HELLO CAPTains! 新年快乐 and a Happy New Year to those who are celebrating this week! 🙂

Write Things has something very exciting up in store next month to look forward to! We’re inviting three of our very distinguished alumni writers down to share their experiences with you right here in CAPT, together 😀

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet them – especially in the same place! SIGN UP NOW:

Date: 14 March (Week 8, Thursday)
Time: 7pm to 9.30pm
Venue: Masters’ Commons
Invited: YOU!


HanDIYcraft Clothes Collection


HanDIYcraft will be holding a mass collection drive for the repurposing and donation of clothing items until 19 February! After all the buying of new items for CNY, and rising Marie Kondo practices (🤔), I’m sure many of you have wardrobes to declutter and clothes to give away!

There are three options for you to choose from regarding what you can do with your clothing items. Do take a look at the poster!

The collection point will be outside the flying seed. Do join us in this green effort to upcycle!!


Arts Showcase 2019 Ticketing

Hi CAPTains! Ticket sales for ARTS SHOWCASE 2019: PRISM are officially open! Here are the instructions for ticket purchasing:

• Click the link ( to place your order and indicate the quantity that you wish to buy using NUSFastpay

• Do take note that only CAPTains will be allowed to buy tickets, but you may purchase tickets on behalf of your friends and family as long as the booking is made in the name of a CAPTain

• Collect your tickets at our front-of-house booth on the day of the show (outside UTown Audi3). Ticket collection opens at 6pm and doors will open at 6.30pm before closing by 7pm sharp so do be on time so you don’t miss any of our amazing performances


STEER India Colloquium


Interested to hear some stories and learn more about the culture of India?

22 of us embarked on STEER India journey last December and we are excited to share our insights and learning journey! We will be sharing about the organisations we have visited, and our takeaways from the interactions we had with various groups of people there 🙂

Come join us on 11 Feb (Mon), 7-9pm at Master’s Common, see you there!!


Arts Showcase 2019: Prism

Hi CAPTains! The long-awaited ARTS SHOWCASE 2019 is finally here! Come on down to UTown Auditorium 3 on 15 Feb 2019 at 7pm to catch CAPT’s performing arts IGs aka GUITARPELLA, JAM CITY & CAPTIVATE!

Tickets are going on sale on Monday (4/2) for $5 apiece so be sure to watch this space and snatch up those tickets before they sell out🤑 More details to follow soon so BE EXCITED

Click the link below to watch our siksiksik publicity video🤙