Care to Share 2018

Hey CAPTains!

How do you make a waffle smile? You butter it up :yum:

CAPT Support’s Care to Share is back this week in collaboration with Baking Club, and we invite all CAPTains to join us in making ice cream waffles over casual conversations about self-care

Feeling waffle-y excited for waffles? See you all at TR1 on 17 October (Wed), 8pm-10pm!!🥞

With love,
CAPT Support x Baking Club


Halloween 2018 Performance Signups

Have an interest for performing? Hope you’re fired up because signups for INTER-COLLEGE HALLOWEEN is NOW OPEN!

Sign up now through this link at

Sign up closes on 22 October 2018 (Monday)! Feel free to contact Jun Jiang (96551836) if you have any enquiries! 🙂 Join us this Halloween and perform your hearts out!!


Board Games Rotation

Hey CAPTains!!! 😀❤️ Want a break from the study jios? Thinking of new activities to chill with your house? Look no further as 🔍✨ BOARD GAMES ROTATION ✨🔍 has kicked off on TUESDAY!!!!! To prepare for Inter Neighbourhood Shield (INS) in Sem 2, each house will receive a bag of games from different categories EVERY TUESDAY @ 8PM 😉 Look forward to games featuring adventure🏃🏽‍♂, #throwback 🤙🏼 , betrayal 🐍 etc. So grab some friends today to board games and chill

With Love, SAC 💕


KINDLE+ Volunteer Recruitment

Hey guys!! 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽  💥💥Volunteer recruitment for KINDLE+ is now OPEN!!💥💥  KINDLE+ is an ACE committee on its pilot run. We focus on foster youths aged 12-14, striving to create a program of group engagements and one to one mentor-mentee sessions. 👭👫  We’re looking for commmitted and enthusiastic individuals who love interacting with people and have an open mind! ❤️ ✨✨✨ If you’re passionate about mentoring foster youths, do head over to to sign up by 19th Oct 2359✨✨✨


The Unafraid Project

If you’ve been aching to know how you can be terribly unafraid 🤔🤔🤔, the wait is finally over!!

We are proud to present THE UNAFRAID PROJECT: a new dialogue initiative. 💬

This is gonna be a safe space for CAPTains to discuss sensitive, taboo or just difficult matters without implication of guilt/threat for raising such issues. Everything we wanna talk about is CAPT-centric, so we’re looking at you 👀! Yes, you 👈 As long as you’ve got an opinion on life in CAPT or even want to listen to differing opinions, we welcome you to this space 😸

Sessions will be held over 3 consecutive weeks (Week 9, 10 and 11), every Thursday night from 8.30pm – 10.30pm in SR 1 & 2. You can come for all, one – but ideally not none – of the sessions!

Session 1 (18th October 2018)

Topic: Secularism in CAPT

Session 2 (25th October 2018)

Topic: Spaces of CAPTains

Session 3 (1st November 2018)

Topic: To be decided by you!!

📝📝📝 Sign up at by 14.10.18 11.59pm 📝📝📝


Project Kindle Signups

Have a heart for children? Want to be a mentor to foster children? Hope you’re fired up because signups for Project Kindle is NOW OPEN! 🔥

Sign up now through the ACE Telegram channel at

Registration closes on 19 October 2018 (Friday)! Feel free to contact Yuejun (97894952) or Benjamin (97778580) if you have any enquiries! 🙂

Join us on this meaningful journey as we kindle a spark of hopes and dreams, one kid at a time ✨


FOC 2019 OComm Recruitment

Hello CAPTains! Sign-ups for the *OComm of FOC 2019* is now *OPEN* 🎊🎉

If you’re looking to explore your creativity, hone your planning skills and make new friends from other neighbourhoods, sign up for the OComm *NOW* at the following link:

The form will be closed on *17 October 2018* at *2359* 🚨‼ So don’t hesitate as we look forward to seeing your applications! 📮

For further inquiries, you may contact Hui Xian at 96210004 🙈, Jason at 91366885 🙊 or Jayvinn at 91110221 🙉

Looking Back

Looking Back: ING 2018

Two weeks ago, CAPT kicked off recess week with the highly anticipated Inter Neighbourhood Games. Every houses sent their best players forward, all in the hope of clinching the champion title. Even though not everyone walked away a champion, many left with a greater sense of belonging to CAPT. Ong Qian Ying, the Captain of Garuda’s Captain’s Ball team shares her thoughts on the games.

“As someone who hasn’t had much exposure to sports, being part of ING was a really good experience for me as it gave me a comfortable platform to try out a variety of sports. Despite having limited experience in basketball or netball, I was chosen as the Captain for Garuda’s Captain’s Ball team. Initially, I was hesitant to pick up the role as I was afraid that I wouldn’t live up to the position but everything went smoothly and the whole experience turned out a lot better than expected. My teammates were very supportive and the seniors really helped me along the way, for example when it came to organising trainings for the team. Additionally, being a captain had cultivated my leadership skills and allow me to grow as an individual. Even though we may not have placed first, I am really proud of my team and will always treasure the bond that we had forged. I joined to play the sport, ended this journey truly humbled by the whole experience.


Other than Captain’s Ball, I also played for Garuda’s Soccer, Volleyball and Dodgeball team. And while it was tiring, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the whole experience definitely made me even more interested in the respective sports. I really appreciated having the seniors be so patient with us freshies, especially since many of us were quite new to these sports, and guiding us through it all – they are one of the reasons why I had enjoyed myself so much. Looking forward, ING has definitely made me really excited for the upcoming ICG.

Overall, despite it being a competition, ING was never competitive. Such an event really showcases the sports culture and its inclusivity in CAPT and that reaffirmed my decision to join the Sports Committee.”

Qian Ying’s reflection really brought out the true meaning behind ING: an event which allowed CAPTains across various houses to bond through their common passion for sports.

Looking Back

Looking Back: CAPTISS 2018

On 22nd September, over 400 students attended CAPT’s biannual Student Symposium, also known as CAPTISS. This year, the theme was Sharing Spaces: Diverse Approaches and Communities, and it saw 60 presenters from diverse backgrounds coming together to discuss important issues at hand. We spoke to Jordan Tang, the PD of CAPTISS, to reflect on his experience helming this event:

“CAPTISS 2018 was a space for people to learn from each other’s ideas, practices and experiences. On 22 September, we welcomed over 400 attendees throughout the day with over 60 presenters at our 9 panels and poster sessions. Everyone came together with a single purpose: to learn. And it was truly a learning journey, even for us in the CAPTISS 2018 Organising Committee. Throughout this journey, I saw various members having their own stories of growth. An Academics Subcommittee member overcoming her hesitations and becoming an eloquent moderator for her panel. A director who learnt design skills and website-making skills from scratch. A team that innovated and persevered to create a beautiful art gallery.And there are even more stories to tell that I cannot capture here. I ask that you speak to those who were part of the process. Hear their stories of growth so that the learning does not stop here. Learn about how the Hospitality team created the perfect atmosphere for building connections between all attendees through their networking session and Finale Night; how the Logistics team implemented a QR code registration system that was the first of its kind in CAPT; how the Publicity team generated hype for CAPTISS; how the Academics team brought all our presenters together.

Thank you to all who contributed to CAPTISS in one way or another. This learning journey would have not been possible without all of you.”