Week 10 Newsletter

Week 10 Newsletter

Happy week 10 CAPTains!! Come down for our 10/10 IG sessions for some fun with your friends! See you there!

CAPITAL presents…..

Investing Basics
There’s plenty of investment advice and types of investments out there, so how should you decide how to start investing? Whether you’re a beginner in investing, or you want to solidify your understanding of investing, this seminar will equip you with the information you need to feel comfortable making the best investment decisions for yourself.

A guest speaker, who is an experienced investing professional , will be conducting this session so mark your calendar and don’t miss this wonderful opportunity! 

Date: 23 October (Week 10 Wed)
Time: 6.30-7.30
Location: SR1/2

Do Sign-up Here!!!

Proudly introducing CAPT IG Halloween Trail! Taking place on Week 11 Tuesday and Thursday, our very own interest groups will be holding various halloween related sppoookky sessions!! Grab a Maurader’s Map at any of the IGs and complete the map to stand to win Harry Potter merchandise! Looking forward to seeing all of you there!!!


Erase away your Monday blues with Maroon Monday! Put on your maroon shirt on Mondays and head to classes together with your friends! Let’s colour the campus with CAPT’s maroon on Mondays! 

Hello CAPTains!!! 
As part of our efforts to tap on the power of community, CAPT Support has engaged in collaboration with the fellow UTown Residential Colleges to launch a Mental Health Carnival for mental health awareness this Thursday 24 October 2019 from 11am to 5pm!!! Come down to speak to our speakers, do some arts and crafts, play some VR and learn more about mental health in general! What’s more, complete our stations and get FREE coffee and ice pops!!! These will be distributed while stocks last so be sure to be there early! See you there CAPTains!!!

TRICK OR TREAT! The long awaited CAPT’s Inter-College Halloween 2019 is finally coming! Look out for exciting posters that will be put up over the week, featuring our very own Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear coming inside out!   Drag your friends to the Bermuda Triangle in groups of 5-6 next Friday (25 Oct), 7-11pm to witness CAPT’s very own HHN (free of charge!!!!!) and have the fright of your lives! Registration starts at 6.30pm!  Remember to follow @sac.capt for VERY important updates for ICH wink wink hint express tickets hint!

Dear CAPTains, 

CAPT Kamal 2020 Members Recruitment is now open!!

we are looking for:
– Programmes x5
– Logistics x2
– Admin x1
– Finance x2
– Publicity x3
– Welfare x3

Join us on this adventure as we seek to inspire and encourage the pursuit of knowledge and character development in children from vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds and learn from the local community at the same time. 

sign up today at https://www.tinyurl.com/kamalcamels1920 (sign ups close 23 October 2019, 2359)

more information about the various positions can be found in the sign up form. otherwise, do feel free to contact Zac (98150985) or Luke (84996124) for further queries! 


Dear CAPTains,

Are u seeking an unforgettable journey to the East? Have a burning passion to serve?

CAPTClouds 2020 members recruitment drive is happening now!

Come onboard this journey of service and self discovery as we immerse ourselves in the local Yunnan community. We will be creating & engaging in meaningful activities with the children and elderly there, immersing in cultural exchange, and most importantly learning and GROWing together as a team.

We are looking for
3 x Welfare and engagement
3 x Publicity
3 x Logistics
6 x Programmes

Trip dates are set on 13 – 26 May 2020

Sign up now @ https://tinyurl.com/Clouds1920

Deadline is 23rd October 2359! Don’t miss out 🙂

More information are on the form. If u are really excited, feel free to contact Lawrence (93637605) @lawlzzz, Hannah (96403831) @hannaherhhh or any of our exco members!!


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