The Unafraid Project


The Unafraid Project

If you’ve been aching to know how you can be terribly unafraid 🤔🤔🤔, the wait is finally over!!

We are proud to present THE UNAFRAID PROJECT: a new dialogue initiative. 💬

This is gonna be a safe space for CAPTains to discuss sensitive, taboo or just difficult matters without implication of guilt/threat for raising such issues. Everything we wanna talk about is CAPT-centric, so we’re looking at you 👀! Yes, you 👈 As long as you’ve got an opinion on life in CAPT or even want to listen to differing opinions, we welcome you to this space 😸

Sessions will be held over 3 consecutive weeks (Week 9, 10 and 11), every Thursday night from 8.30pm – 10.30pm in SR 1 & 2. You can come for all, one – but ideally not none – of the sessions!

Session 1 (18th October 2018)

Topic: Secularism in CAPT

Session 2 (25th October 2018)

Topic: Spaces of CAPTains

Session 3 (1st November 2018)

Topic: To be decided by you!!

📝📝📝 Sign up at by 14.10.18 11.59pm 📝📝📝


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