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Hi CAPTains!

Our maroon CAPT shirts are finally here!! Every freshman and exchanger will be receiving one for free, and the neighbourhood comms are in the process of distributing the shirts out to everyone (if you haven’t already received yours!)

Now that you have your maroon shirts, come join us in #maroonmonday, where CAPTains wear the CAPT shirt on Mondays! Be sure to wear the CAPT colours with pride for every #maroonmonday!!!

Love, Pubs


Open Mic 2018 Schedule

Hi CAPTains,

Clubsocs would like to present to you… CAPT OPEN MIC: MEMORIES happening this Wednesday, 12 September! 🎉

Come on down to the Flying Seed for a night of chill vibes, and amazing talent which your fellow captains will be showcasing just for YOU!

Also, do not miss out on Baking Club’s amazing bakes so do come down early and be seated by 7.30pm 🍪🍰! See you there ☺


Sports Week 5 IG Schedule

Hey CAPTains!! Here is the Sports IG and ING Training Schedule for Week 5! Take a chill from hitting those books and lets go hit some discs/shuttlecocks/balls!!!



ING 2018 Video

“Knock knock”
“Who’s there?”
“Torch who?”

The ING Torch has been IGNITED 
and we hope you are EXCITED!!! 

The CAPT Sports Committee is proud to present to you…the ING 2018 VIDEOOO!!!  Thank you to those who have signed up as captains, and for those who want to play, do sign-up via the links sent by your house heads!!!

Thank you for those that have helped in the making of this video – it has been an absolute deLIGHT working with you 

Do follow us @capt.sports on Insta and follow our page CAPT Sports Committee! and STAY LIT AND HYPED FOR ING!!!!!

Looking Back

Looking Back: ACE Migrants Fledgling 2018

Last Saturday, in an event held jointly by the Ministry of Manpower and National Youth Council, some of our CAPTains engaged in a panel discussion on the changing narrative of creating a safe and fair workplace for migrant workers and explored Tuas View Dormitory. Natania Seah from Roc reflects on the experience:

“The tour around the Tuas View Dormitory was an engaging and intriguing experience. Despite being part of the ACE Migrants committee for a year, I had personally never visited a foreign workers’ dormitory prior to this opportunity by the National Youth Council. As such, I approached the trip with curiosity and with little knowledge of what to expect, eager to catch a glimpse into the lives of Singapore’s “invisible visible”.

The first tangible thing that struck me was the sheer size of the dormitory – spanning 8.4 hectares, it has a capacity of roughly 16 000 people. Available on the premises are clinics, several hardware stores, remittance services, a barber, and even a cinema. The idea of this whole separate, self-sustaining community existing within Singapore but not so-called “with” Singapore made me quite pensive – the dichotomy between the lives of Singaporeans, and the migrant workers who build up a country they have no idea about, was very stark to me in that instant.

The dormitory also has various amenities such as gyms, pool tables, dart boards, and air-conditioned reading rooms. While on tour, we noticed the clean, well-maintained grounds and large open areas. While assuredly impressive, as I shared later on during a group reflection, it is salient to note that this dormitory is among the best, if not the best of what Singapore has to offer in terms of accommodation for foreign workers. Overcrowding and poor sanitation are some of the many imperative issues that still exist. The efforts of civil society groups such as Healthserve, TWC2, and Itsrainingraincoats cannot be discounted in their crusade to better the lives of migrant workers in Singapore, of whom we should be more cognisant and appreciative of.”

As we can see from Natania’s reflection, the event was truly an eye-opening experience that gave our CAPTains many insights into the lives of migrant workers in Singapore. If you’re interested in engaging in similar events, do keep an eye out for more from our ACE committee!


Open Mic 2018 Extension

Wanted to sign up for Open Mic but missed the deadline? Fret no more because Open Mic 2018 is extending its signups to THIS THURSDAY, 1200

If you wish to perform with a group of friends or fly solo, and wish to share your passion for performing with your friends in CAPT, look no further and sign up for open mic now!!!!!

If you have any other questions, drop XiuQing a message (92281629)!!!!!!!


ING 2018 Schedule

It’s official, 21 more days to CAPT’s Inter-Neighbourhood Games (ING)!! 🎉🏆

Thank you all for waiting and here’s the FINAL ING schedule 

pssst. All are welcome to sign up for multiple sports but do take note of clashing sports while doing so! 

P.S. have you followed us on @capt.sports on insta yet? 


ING 2018 Call for Volunteers

With ING’18 around the corner, Sports Comm is looking for some extra helping hands!!🤗 If you have the skills to be a first aider or a referee, the passion to take photos or videos at sporting events … WE WANT YOUUU!!! 🙌🏼

Don’t worry if you’re afraid that you can’t play for ING if you are a volunteer. You can do BOTH!! We will take into account what sport you are playing and your availability!! 😊

Soooo hesitate no more and sign up now at

Lots of love,
CAPT Sports Committee 


Sports Week 4 IG Schedule

Hey CAPTains! Here is the Sports IG Schedule for Week 4!

Please take note that on top of regular IG sessions, we will also be starting our ING trainings!
The MPH timeslots allocated to your houses will be used to train for any indoor sport!
For this week, Tulpar and Roc have more slots but don’t worry as the slots are spread across Week 4, 5 & 6! So it will all balance out in the end!

Your house heads will brief your respective ING captains more in detail so do look out for that!! 🤗

All the best for trainings and let’s make some memories!! ❤