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CAPT Buddy AY18/19 Sem 2


The Student Affairs Committee warmly welcomes the exchangers to CAPT! We are glad to have you as part of our CAPT community!!!!

To ease the exchangers into the CAPT environment and Singapore, CAPT Buddy is a programme by the SAC to help international students experience the culture here in CAPT & Singapore!

In CAPT Buddy, local and exchange CAPTains will form families and participate in activities together (food trails, night cycling) or even initiate their own!

CAPTBuddy is a great platform to find out about different cultures and forge friendships from across the world! JOIN CAPTBUDDY for an enriching experience learning about different cultures and making new friends through fun activities!!!

SIGN UP NOW at !!! Registration closes WEEK 1, SATURDAY, 19 JAN 1200 HOURS 🙂


Open Mic 2019: Cheap Thrills

Hey CAPTains! Have you ever thought of putting up a priceless performance? Clubsocs proudly presents the long awaited CAPT Open Mic – Cheap Thrills, which is happening on 30 Jan (Week 3 Wed)!

The mic is free for anyone to sing, act or drop the mic and start dancing. You can do it solo or as a group. Come on down and perform with fellow CAPTains to provide some cheap thrills for your friends!🤑🤑🤑
Sign up now! Link:
Sign ups close this Friday, 18 Jan 2359!


Alumni Shirt Giving AY18/19 Sem 1

Hi CAPTains!!
Are you leaving CAPT at the end of this semester? Are you an exchanger that is leaving NUS at the end of this semester? Are you going for your SEP in the next semester? If you are, this Alumni Shirt Giving Event is for you! This is an event where outgoing CAPTains are able to collect their very own Alumni shirts and stickers to bring home! Sign up using this link :

Date: 14th November 2018
Time: 7pm-9pm
Venue: SR5

We hope to see you there! 🤗
Cheers, EXA 18/19


CE Day 2019 EXCO Recruitment

Hey CAPTains, signups for CE Day EXCO has opened!! Community Engagement (CE) is one of CAPT’s vision, and CE Day aims to provide that platform for freshies during FOC’19. As part of the CE Day committee, you will be able to plan and execute CE Day 2019 for our incoming freshies!

Interested in joining? Do signup at the following link:

For any queries, contact Quinn @ 8382 1767

Signups close 16 November, 2359.

We hope to have you on board this journey! 🙂


Hear for You Week 12

Hi CAPTains!

‘Hear’ For You is back at Support Space this week 12, where our Peer Supporters will lend you a listening e👂🏼r. Support Space strives to be a safe space for CAPTains to come down for support, or to ask our Peer Supporters about supporting others ☺ Want a more private space to talk? Simply come down to the cafe space to meet a supporter, and head off together to a quieter location!

We welcome all CAPTains regardless of 🏡 and look forward to seeing you down at Support Space! 😌

Lastly, all the best and hang in there for week 12! 💪🏼🌟 If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, remember that CAPT Support is always Hear For You 🤗

With Love,
CAPT Support 💓


Ageing with Grace

ACE Elderly presents ….. drumroll ….. Project Ageing with Grace! We are recruiting volunteers who are willing to take some time out and share life with our bubbly old folks from St. Luke’s Eldercare @ Ayer Rajah!

So what exactly is Ageing with Grace about?
It is a project that introduces an outdoor component into intergenerational bonding. Through fortnightly engagements, you will get to co-write your own book together with the elderly. Additionally, you will also go on trishaw rides with the elderly, to add vibrancy to conversations in outdoor settings.

You will get to learn about the heartwarming life experiences of our pioneer generation through which you may find yourself viewing the elderly in a different light

If you are even a little interested to learn more about our new project, do come down for our sharing by guest speakers from Live a Legacy and Cycling without Age on the 5th of November!! 🙂

Details of Sharing (save d date!!)
Date: 5th Nov
Time: 8.30-9.30pm
Venue: CAPT Flying Seed

Sign up link in ACE Telegram channel!

Jio your frens and come down tgt!
We hope to see you there!


FOC 2019 OComm Recruitment Wave 2

Hi CAPTains! Wave 2 Sign-up for the OComm of FOC 2019 is now open!!

We are looking for:
Programmes Member
Chief Safety Officer
Administration Member
Finance Member
Logistics Member

You may sign up at

The form will be closed on 7 November 2018 at 2359
So don’t hesitate as we look forward to seeing your applications!

With love,
Hui Xian, Jason and Jayvinn


Signups for CE Fest Organising Team

Hello CAPTains!

Signups for CE Fest Organising Team has opened!

What is CE Fest?
Community Engagement (CE) is an integral part of CAPT’s vision. CE Festival is the annual flagship event of CAPT which celebrates the uniqueness of different communities, community engagement and relationships forged with our partners.

During the event, we hope to bring people from different communities to interact and learn. Through our activities, we hope that they may gain a better understanding of one another.

Following the last iteration of CE Fest, CE Fest 2019 will organise various trails which focus on meeting, engaging and learning from the communities on the ground. CE Fest 2018 had trails such as Dumpster Diving, Mortician, Forget-Me-Not and Homeless, just to name a few.

CE Fest 2019 is tentatively scheduled to be from 22 – 23 March 2019.If you are interested in planning one of CAPT’s biggest events relating to community engagement, come and join us!

Sign up at:
Sign-ups close 2359hr, 9 November 2018!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Daryl(98753292) or Gek (97728793).


ourCAPTconversations Week 11

Hello CAPTains! ❤

CAPT Support is pleased to invite you to join us for ourCAPTconversations which will be happening this Tuesday, 30Oct, 8pm-10pm @ B1 beside the cafe ! ☺

ourCAPTconversations provides a safe space to discuss topics on mental health. This week, the focus will be on how experiences of mental health often go unnoticed and hidden.

Check out the questions we will be answering by clicking this link:
You may also submit any other other burning questions and vote for the questions which you would most want to see answered 🙂