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NUS Community Sports Carnival

On behalf of the College Office:

Dear CAPTains,

The NUS Community Sports Carnival is part of OSA’s concerted effort to ramp up Social Integration and Community Engagement in NUS.  To lend identity to this effort, OSA has created the “oneNUS” insignia, which signifies OSA’s commitment to the active promotion of integration in NUS to bring about a sense of togetherness. Through creating meaningful activities to build stronger bonds, it is an identity that our community can, hopefully and eventually, relate to and identify with.

The inaugural NUS Community Sports Carnival<> (NCSC) will be held at the University Sports Centre (USC) on Saturday 27 October.

The Guest-of-Honour will be Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. This event will mark the finale of a year-long Community Sports campaign to raise awareness among NUS community on building social cohesion and personal wellness through sports.

Blazing NCSC is “DBS Battle Bay”, a water obstacle course designed for the adrenaline junkies.  Also featured at the Carnival is “Splashdown”, a mass swim happening at USC outdoor pool. In another segment, students will get to cheer on their peers at the finals of “Inter-Residence Games”.  Winners of the NUS Community Sports Photo Story Contest<> will also be announced on the day; the winning entries will be part of a travelling pop-up exhibition on Campus.

Getting Tickets:

To encourage interaction among different groups of peoples (such as local and international students) within the NUS community, a team of 3 comprising a mix of local and non-local will be eligible to purchase the team tickets at 50% off (or $15/team).

From now through 27 October, online registration to participate in NCSC will be open at road shows across Kent Ridge Campus and at the campaign portal<>.

NCSC is open to all NUS students and staff.


CAPT Open Day Signups 2019

Hey CAPT! Ever wondered what goes into helping the community get a glimpse into CAPT life? Sign-ups for Open Day Committee 2019 are open! Deadline for sign-ups is 12 Oct, Friday, 2359, so what are you waiting for? Join us on this exciting journey in planning now! Do contact Joel (97757746) or Jefferson (90235523) for more information if you need to ! 🙂

EDIT: Sign-ups have been extended to 14 Oct 2359!


CE Fest EXCO Signups 2019

Signups for CE Fest Exco has opened!

What is CE Fest?

Community Engagement (CE) is an integral part of CAPT’s vision. CE Festival is the annual flagship event of CAPT which celebrates the uniqueness of different communities, community engagement and relationships forged with our partners.

During the event, we hope to bring people from different communities to interact and learn. Through our activities, we hope that they may gain a better understanding of one another.

Following the last iteration of CE Fest, CE Fest 2019 will organise various trails which focus on meeting, engaging and learning from the communities on the ground. CE Fest 2018 had trails such as Dumpster Diving, Mortician, Forget-Me-Not and Homeless, just to name a few. Each poster showcases some of the trails that were done last year.

CE Fest 2019 is tentatively scheduled to be from 22 – 23 March 2019. If you are interested in planning one of CAPT’s biggest events relating to community engagement, come and join us!

We are looking for:

-Programmes Head x1

-Logistics Head x1

-Admin Head x1

-Finance Head x1

-Publicity Head x1

Sign up at:

Sign-ups close 2359hr, 12 October 2018!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Daryl(98753292) or Gek (97728793).


G4ME NIGHT Signups 2019

Hello CAPTains! 🌞🌞

Tired from midterms?📕 Come join EXA for our first inter-college event of the semester – G4ME NIGHT🌃

Come down to make new friends from RC4 and enjoy an evening of fun games🎯🏆 and free food! 🍟🍔🥤

Save The Date!

Date: 10 October 2018 (Wednesday)

Time: estimated 830pm – 11pm

You can sign up alone (we’ll group you with another CAPTain and other RC4 people!) or with a friend at

Sign ups close 8th October, 7pm and details of the event venue will be released at a later date. See you there! ✌️😊


Arts Showcase Signups 2019

Hello CAPTains!! Hope everyone has had a great recess week🌞

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a performance? Have a passion for arts and culture? Or simply want to try something new? Come join the planning committee for ✨ARTS SHOWCASE 2019✨
We’re looking to recruit members for:
Publicity Committee📸
Logistics Committee🎟
GenSec 📝
FinSec 💸
Stage Manager 🎬
Lights Director💡
Sound Director🎤

Jobscopes are available at our signup form:

Sign up now before SUNDAY, 7 OCT 2018 at 2359😊 We look forward to welcoming you to our ARTS SHOWCASE FAM💛
For more enquiries/info, feel free to contact Kaylene (number on AMP post)

EDIT: Sign-ups have been extended to SUNDAY, 14 OCT 2018 at 2359!


OSL Exco Signups 2018


Hey CAPTains!!!

EXCO sign ups for CAPTClouds Overseas Service Learning (OSL) 2019 to Yunnan, China are now open!!

We are looking for:
Programmes Heads x2
Welfare and Engagement Heads x2
Logistics Head x1
Publicity Head x1
Admin and Finance Heads x2

Sign up today at: (sign ups close on 5th October 2018, 2359)

Interviews are on a rolling basis so do sign up early! More information about the various positions can be found in the sign up form or feel free to contact Kelly or Joel (contact numbers on AMP post – for further queries!

Here’s the link to our info video for those of you who are still curious about what CAPTClouds does. There is also a CAPTClouds blog for those who wish to explore the beautiful stories and insights of the trip from some of your seniors.


Hey CAPTains, would you like to lead the flock of KAMAL CAMELS in our Overseas Service Learning journey to India? Registrations for the CAPT Kamal Executive Committee are open from now till October 5th 2359!

All youth should have access to a proper education! During Kamal, you will have the chance to work with students from Bangalore in a meaningful and impactful way. Most of these students come from vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds, at risk of dropping out of school. Seize this opportunity to join us in implementing sustainable academic and non-academic programmes to aid in the holistic growth and development of these youth.

The 7 EXCO roles are:
– Publicity Camel
– Welfare Camel
– X2 Programme Camels
– Logistics Camel
– Administration Camel
– Finance Camel

to join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity! We look forward to meeting you

About CAPT Kamal:
For more information, feel free to WhatsApp En Ci or Naeson (contact numbers on AMP post)

Soursdei!! សួស្តី

*CAPTsmile is recruiting exco members for an upcoming trip in May 2019.* In partnership with Solutions to End Povoerty (STEP), CAPTsmile aims to enable and empower residents of Smile Village (Phnom Penh) to escape from the poverty cycle.

As part of CAPTsmile, you will have the chance to plan and execute sustainable programmes. During the process of planning, CAPTsmile strongly believes in a community-based, holistic and sustainable approach.

If you are interested in what we’re about, please check out our link to see what CAPTsmile did last year:

And if you would like to apply for an exco position, you can do so here (by 5 Oct 2359):

Do note that members sign up will open up tentatively in Week 9.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Randy or Zephanie (contact numbers on AMP post –, we would love to hear from you.

Orkun! អរគុណ



HELLO CAPTains! Do keep an eye out for a new initiative to be launched by CAPT Support this week!

We’re nearing the middle of the semester already and the pace of workload and other commitments are beginning to pick up too – how about taking a moment to pause and have a good chat with friends to check on how they’ve been and how our experiences in CAPT and university life have been so far? Bring a friend and come down and join us on selected Tuesday nights starting Week 6 at 8-10pm at the Basement 1 cafe area for our first ever session of ourCAPTconversation!

Inspired by the national conversation initiative Our Singapore Conversation back in 2013, we too look forward to sparking off a new and ongoing conversation with and between fellow CAPTains to talk about how our university experience has been for us! In this process, let us come together and uncover the things that we value in our everyday life, and how these could help us to pay closer attention to our own well-being too! We hope to see you there 



Intercollege Halloween Signups

Hey Boo-tiful 😉👌🏽👽🔥 Have you ever wanted to be a Halloween Horror Night Scarer? 👻‼👻‼ Do you enjoy scaring your friends? Have you ever wanted to create your own version of a Haunted House? 🧟‍♂🆘🌝🧛🏼‍♀🌚❌

👽Here’s your chance to do it👽


Date: 26th October
Your role includes:
-Ideation 🧠
-Facilitation 👩🏼‍🏫
-Costume 👻
-Props making 🔪
-Scaring 👹

Wanna be part of your beautiful halloween house committee?

With Love, (creepin it real👅)



Hi CAPTains!

Our maroon CAPT shirts are finally here!! Every freshman and exchanger will be receiving one for free, and the neighbourhood comms are in the process of distributing the shirts out to everyone (if you haven’t already received yours!)

Now that you have your maroon shirts, come join us in #maroonmonday, where CAPTains wear the CAPT shirt on Mondays! Be sure to wear the CAPT colours with pride for every #maroonmonday!!!

Love, Pubs