Looking Back: Soap For Hope 2018

Looking Back: Soap For Hope 2018

17 August marked the first of two ‘Soap for Hope’ (S4H) exposure sessions as well as the start of Social Innovation (SI) Wing’s plans for the academic year 2018/19. 20 Hua Yi Secondary School students visited CAPT to experience the soap-making process while mingling with CAPTains who came to learn the innovation story behind S4H.

Hua Yi Secondary previously organised a fund-raising campaign for Healthserve, which saw its students pledging soap bars for migrant workers by making a $2 donation. The secondary students were thus here to fulfil the pledges made. They had fun throughout as they learnt how to split the tasks while working together in some parts of the process. More importantly, they formed camaraderie among themselves when they saw the end product of their hardwork, recycled soap bars, and when they cleaned up the soap-making area, even including the toilets where they washed some of the equipment (the floor was wet after the washing)!

This mode of fund-raising was conceptualised by the SI Wing Director, Yu Xiang, who saw value in the S4H sessions. He wanted to give this socially innovative idea a new lease of life by using it to inspire more secondary school students to play a role, however simple, in contributing to marginalised communities. CAPTains, on the other hand, get to interact with the students through the soap making process, and establish relationships that will allow future sustained partnerships between CAPT and the secondary schools.

The idea behind S4H is born out of a desire to meet the needs of the Filipino rural communities, and was brought back to CAPT to showcase how different existing ideas can be combined together, improved on or refined to give rise to a novel solution which addresses a social problem. This is what the SI Wing stands for – to develop novel and yet feasible solutions to address real social issues.

In order to do that, the SI Wing needs your ideas and passion to contribute. Visit www.tinyurl.com/cscrecruitement2018 to check out what SI Wing has in store for the year and to join it!


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