Looking Back: ING 2018

Looking Back: ING 2018

Two weeks ago, CAPT kicked off recess week with the highly anticipated Inter Neighbourhood Games. Every houses sent their best players forward, all in the hope of clinching the champion title. Even though not everyone walked away a champion, many left with a greater sense of belonging to CAPT. Ong Qian Ying, the Captain of Garuda’s Captain’s Ball team shares her thoughts on the games.

“As someone who hasn’t had much exposure to sports, being part of ING was a really good experience for me as it gave me a comfortable platform to try out a variety of sports. Despite having limited experience in basketball or netball, I was chosen as the Captain for Garuda’s Captain’s Ball team. Initially, I was hesitant to pick up the role as I was afraid that I wouldn’t live up to the position but everything went smoothly and the whole experience turned out a lot better than expected. My teammates were very supportive and the seniors really helped me along the way, for example when it came to organising trainings for the team. Additionally, being a captain had cultivated my leadership skills and allow me to grow as an individual. Even though we may not have placed first, I am really proud of my team and will always treasure the bond that we had forged. I joined to play the sport, ended this journey truly humbled by the whole experience.


Other than Captain’s Ball, I also played for Garuda’s Soccer, Volleyball and Dodgeball team. And while it was tiring, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the whole experience definitely made me even more interested in the respective sports. I really appreciated having the seniors be so patient with us freshies, especially since many of us were quite new to these sports, and guiding us through it all – they are one of the reasons why I had enjoyed myself so much. Looking forward, ING has definitely made me really excited for the upcoming ICG.

Overall, despite it being a competition, ING was never competitive. Such an event really showcases the sports culture and its inclusivity in CAPT and that reaffirmed my decision to join the Sports Committee.”

Qian Ying’s reflection really brought out the true meaning behind ING: an event which allowed CAPTains across various houses to bond through their common passion for sports.


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