Looking Back: G4me Night

Looking Back: G4me Night

As we juggled with midterms alongside the usual rigour of school, its no doubt that the past few weeks have been super hectic for the bulk of us. Yet amidst the intense hustling, EXA managed to put together G4me Night, a collaboration event between CAPT and RC4 that involved games, food, and most importantly, bonding between the colleges. Jerome Yong, one of the organisers of G4me Night shares his thoughts on the event:“On Week 8, EXA held G4me Night in collaboration with RC4. The event was organised to provide a platform for CAPTains to get to know people from RC4 through a night of fun and games. As the event was organised after the mid-term examinations, it gave them an opportunity to momentarily unwind and take their minds off the pressures of their academics.

The event was attended by a small but fun-loving group of CAPTains and RC4 residents, and kicked off with both residents of both colleges streaming in and mingling with one another. It was heartening to see CAPTains and RC4 residents putting aside their college affiliations to mix around freely with one another, making new friends in the process.

A variety of exciting games were played during the event, with each game deliberately designed to foster collaboration and friendships between CAPTains and RC4 residents. These games ranged from a Trivia Challenge, where participants had to answer trivia questions pertaining to both NUS and general knowledge, to a Relay Race, where participants had to complete a series of mini-challenges to win the game for their team. Other games included Blindfolded Bowling, Test Your Memory and In It to Win It. Indeed, there was much laughter and good-natured banter during the games. Before the closing of the event, the participants were treated to a sumptuous supper of large cheese fries, naan and butter chicken from Ameens, as well as a Family Feast from KFC.

EXA would also like to take this opportunity to thank CAPTains and RC4 residents for attending the event and displaying so much enthusiasm during the activities.”

Missed out on this bonding experience? Don’t fret – there are plenty of others that are soon to come. For starters, the Inter-College Halloween will be happening this week, so do visit the various haunted houses to get to know fellow CAPTains and residents of the other colleges too!


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