Looking Back: Family Night 2019

Looking Back: Family Night 2019

Last Sunday, our College welcomed family members of CAPTains during our annual CAPT Family Night. The planning committee reflects on the evening:

“First of all, a very big thank-you to everyone who made CAPT Family Night a success!

It was an eventful night as CAPTains and their family members came together to immerse themselves in the fun-filled ambience together with meaningful sharings by CAPT’s various Community Engagement (CE) committees.

An evening put together by various CAPT student groups, it included music performances and even homemade delights from CAPT’s very own Baking and Coffee Interest Groups.

A poster exhibition also showcased some of the modules offered in CAPT, as well as the out-of-classroom learning experiences available to all CAPTains.

Additionally, in this year’s iteration, family members got a glimpse of the vibrant neighbourhood cultures in CAPT that was held within the various Neighbourhood Lounges. From photos and videos immortalizing the most memorable house events to some of the iconic ‘house’ food prepared specially for family members, the five Neighbourhood House Committees worked hard to put each of their unique cultures on display.

All in all, close to 300 family members visited the College and enjoyed a relaxing evening together with our fellow CAPTains.

With love,
CAPT Family Night Committee 2019”

Thank you to CAPT Family Night Committee 2019 for a wonderful evening enjoyed by both CAPTains and their family members!


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