Looking Back: CAPTISS 2018

Looking Back: CAPTISS 2018

On 22nd September, over 400 students attended CAPT’s biannual Student Symposium, also known as CAPTISS. This year, the theme was Sharing Spaces: Diverse Approaches and Communities, and it saw 60 presenters from diverse backgrounds coming together to discuss important issues at hand. We spoke to Jordan Tang, the PD of CAPTISS, to reflect on his experience helming this event:

“CAPTISS 2018 was a space for people to learn from each other’s ideas, practices and experiences. On 22 September, we welcomed over 400 attendees throughout the day with over 60 presenters at our 9 panels and poster sessions. Everyone came together with a single purpose: to learn. And it was truly a learning journey, even for us in the CAPTISS 2018 Organising Committee. Throughout this journey, I saw various members having their own stories of growth. An Academics Subcommittee member overcoming her hesitations and becoming an eloquent moderator for her panel. A director who learnt design skills and website-making skills from scratch. A team that innovated and persevered to create a beautiful art gallery.And there are even more stories to tell that I cannot capture here. I ask that you speak to those who were part of the process. Hear their stories of growth so that the learning does not stop here. Learn about how the Hospitality team created the perfect atmosphere for building connections between all attendees through their networking session and Finale Night; how the Logistics team implemented a QR code registration system that was the first of its kind in CAPT; how the Publicity team generated hype for CAPTISS; how the Academics team brought all our presenters together.

Thank you to all who contributed to CAPTISS in one way or another. This learning journey would have not been possible without all of you.”


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