Looking Back: CAPT Affair 2018

Looking Back: CAPT Affair 2018

CAPT Affair 2018, held last Tuesday, gave our freshmen a good overview of the many opportunities available in CAPT, ranging from interest groups to student committees to overseas trips! Nurbatrishia Bte Yazid, Director of External Affairs, reflects on the planning process:

“Right from the start, Joel (Director of ClubSocs) and I knew right away what we wanted as our CAPT Affair slogan: ‘Mapping Your CAPT Experience’. The objective of CAPT Affair has always been clear-cut to us; it was to let CAPTains be aware of the various opportunities for them to join this academic year. We want them to know that there is definitely something available for everyone.

Planning CAPT Affair was a hectic process, as we had to liaise with many parties for various purposes such as budget, procurement of logistics and much more. Despite the hecticness, I wouldn’t have had it any other way, seeing how willing people were to help us through it all. Triston (Director of Publicity) helped us a lot in terms of publicity especially with the video. Bernard (CSC Finance Secretary) was also a great help with the budget and procurement of logistics.

To me, the best part of the planning process was filming the publicity video. I personally had my doubts about whether people would be willing to be a part of it as they would have to sacrifice time during summer to do it. Knowing how willing they are to be part of the video has made me really appreciate CAPTains even more. We would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in CAPT Affair 2018 in one way or another, and for making it a huge success!

And to Joel, thank you so much for being such a trusty partner whom I relied a lot on throughout this entire journey!”

Thanks to CAPT Affair 2018, hopefully you have a good idea of the many exciting opportunities CAPT has for you! We’re sure many of you can’t wait for the exposure sessions you have signed up for. Have a good week ahead!

Also, be sure to check out the bloopers from behind the scenes of the CAPT Affair 2018 Video below!



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