What is Pubs?

Pubs is in charge of the image of CAPT, both internally and externally. We aim to accurately capture and portray the CAPT spirit and culture, and create a warm, friendly, and inclusive environment for CAPTains. It is through this environment that we strive to create and sustain an feeling of homeliness for all CAPTains who step into CAPT.

Pubs takes care of the decor and content in the lifts and the level 1 lobby, and also sets up decorations for large scale college events as well. We are also in charge of all publicity and information dissemination platforms, which include the CAPTlife website, the @captnus Instagram account, the official CAPT Facebook page, and the CAPT in the Loop Telegram broadcast channel. We also manage the CAPT yearbook (CAPTsule), and all official CAPT merchandise.

Pubs is also in charge of media coverage for college events. We work very closely with CAPTure to ensure that coverage runs smoothly, and photos and videos are properly processed before dissemination.

What are the guidelines for publicising my event?

    • Events poster must be approved by college with college stamp and will expire 3 days after the end of events
    • It is the responsibility of event coordinator to ensure posters are placed properly within the designated area. The designated areas for posters are:
      • 2 Announcement boards at B1
      • 2 Announcement boards at Level 1
      • The lift lobby area
      • The wooden panel for lifts

Posters that are placed in the metal area, in bad condition or without proper approval will be removed by the Publicity Committee Members

What can I approach the Publicity committee for?

You can approach Publicity Committee for design advice and help. You can also approach any committee members if you have any publicity related queries! Finally, we will be more than glad to hear some initiatives or suggestions with regards to publicity matters and you can drop us an email at publicity.capt@gmail.com

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