ClubSocs Week 10 IG Sessions

Hey CAPTains!! Hope that you’ve been recharged from the weekend and are ready to take on this brand new week of school! We are excited to have you join us at our IG sessions this week, see you there!!
Love, ClubSocs


A Walk Through The Dark

What comes to mind when you think of blindness? Ever wondered how it feels like to go shopping without being able to see? Or to prepare yourself for a day out using only your hearing and sense of touch?

CAPT In The Dark (CITD) presents: A Walk Through The Dark
Date: 1 Nov (Week 11 Thu)
Time: 8-10 PM

A Walk Through the Dark will give a glimpse into the everyday lives of people with visual impairment. So if you’ve ever wanted to understand visual impairment more, or simply have fun trying activities in the dark, join us for an experience of the world through different senses, and a walk through VI people’s lives!

Sign-up link can be found on the ACE Telegram Channel: For any enquiries, contact Shaun or Aloysius!


Design Thinking Workshop 2018

HEY CAPTains !!

Have you come across anything in CAPT that you would like to see a change in?

Social Innovation Wing’s design thinking workshop will provide you with a systematic approach to empower you to ideate solutions to address the problem(s)!

Come on down and join us for our Design Thinking Workshop, happening on Wednesday, 24th Oct from 6.30-8.30pm at SR4!

Sign up here: !! See you there 🙂


Care to Share Week 10

Calling all CAPTains!!

Feeling the stress from finals and assignments? Need a break from all that studying? Care to Share your troubles? 🗣 Then we’ve got the perfect solution for you!!

CAPT Support presents its latest Care to Share session this week where we will be hosting a light hearted night of origami and balloon sculpting, and we invite each and every one of you to come on down to join us in having fun while engaging in casual conversations on self-care!  Did we mention we’ve got crackerwiches as well?

So what better way to destress than to join us? See you at the B1 Cafe Area on 24 October (Wed) from 8pm- 10pm 🙂

With love,
CAPT Support


Inter-College Halloween 2018

Want to take some time off studying to enjoy a free HHN?
Want to show support to your friends from your house?


Drag your friends and come on down in groups of 5 or 6 to the Bermuda Triangle anytime from 7-11pm on the 26th of Oct to witness CAPT’s very own spOOOKy haunted house 🏚🏼☠👁🧛🏼♂🧟♀🤘🏽🏽♀

Not only CAPT, each RC will be having their own haunted house with a different theme so feel free to go house-hopping during the same time as well 🙂

Unleash your inner player …be there for the boos 😉 See you on the 26th!

Till we meet…,


Care to Share 2018

Hey CAPTains!

How do you make a waffle smile? You butter it up :yum:

CAPT Support’s Care to Share is back this week in collaboration with Baking Club, and we invite all CAPTains to join us in making ice cream waffles over casual conversations about self-care

Feeling waffle-y excited for waffles? See you all at TR1 on 17 October (Wed), 8pm-10pm!!🥞

With love,
CAPT Support x Baking Club


Halloween 2018 Performance Signups

Have an interest for performing? Hope you’re fired up because signups for INTER-COLLEGE HALLOWEEN is NOW OPEN!

Sign up now through this link at

Sign up closes on 22 October 2018 (Monday)! Feel free to contact Jun Jiang (96551836) if you have any enquiries! 🙂 Join us this Halloween and perform your hearts out!!


Board Games Rotation

Hey CAPTains!!! 😀❤️ Want a break from the study jios? Thinking of new activities to chill with your house? Look no further as 🔍✨ BOARD GAMES ROTATION ✨🔍 has kicked off on TUESDAY!!!!! To prepare for Inter Neighbourhood Shield (INS) in Sem 2, each house will receive a bag of games from different categories EVERY TUESDAY @ 8PM 😉 Look forward to games featuring adventure🏃🏽‍♂, #throwback 🤙🏼 , betrayal 🐍 etc. So grab some friends today to board games and chill

With Love, SAC 💕