CAPTSmile Member Recruitment


CAPTSmile Member Recruitment

Soursdei!! សួស្តី

CAPTsmile is recruiting members for an upcoming trip in May 2019. In partnership with Solutions to End Poverty (STEP), CAPTsmile aims to enable and empower residents of Smile Village (Phnom Penh) to escape from the poverty cycle.

As part of CAPTsmile, you will have the chance to plan and execute sustainable programmes. During the process of planning, CAPTsmile strongly believes in a community-based, holistic and sustainable approach.

If you are interested in what we’re about, please check out our link to find out more about our plans for the coming trip and what we did last year:

And if you would like to apply for a member position, you can do so here (by 2 Nov 2359):

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Randy (92736303) or Zephanie (84887154), we would love to hear from you.

Orkun! អរគុណ




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