CAPT Support Neighbour/Peer Supporters

CAPT Support Neighbour/Peer Supporters

Hello CAPTains! ❤
CAPT Support is excited to introduce your Neighbour and Peer Supporters (NSPS) for the coming semester!
Posters introducing each of the NSPS from your houses will be put up on your house noticeboards. Do check
them out when you have the time and get to know your friendly supporters!

Coming from all neighbourhoods, the NSPS are CAPTains who understand the importance of mental health
and seek to provide a safe space and a listening ear to those around them. As the Peer Supporters are involved
in Support Space activities, Neighbourhood Supporters take a more centralised role in supporting and reaching
out to his or her neighbours who might need a listening ear. That being said, do feel free to approach any of them!

But what can I talk about?
Anything that’s on your mind! Be it to talk about your day or week, to share about any personal struggles you
may have, or even to ask questions about how you could further support your own friends, our Supporters are
glad to open their doors to you.

Each Supporter has gone through training in peer supporting skills through workshops conducted by the
University Counselling Services (NUS) as well as regular internal training.

All the best for the coming week ahead! Remember to look after yourself and give yourself tiny breaks and
self-care even as we embark on our tutorials and assignments.

With love,
CAPT Support 💓
P.S. Do look forward to our upcoming CAPT Support events throughout the semester!


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