Treeckle Booking

To make a booking, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Log in on
  3. Proceed to make your booking under the ‘Bookings’ tab
  4. You will receive an email once your booking has been approved

CAPTains MUST send an email to CSC Gen Sec Lawrence Liang ( with a detailed event plan that justifies how the event would not put our CAPTains at risk (Refer to Annex A). The session plan should be sent at least 1 week in advance of the booking day.

a. The detailed programme outline should include the following:

  • How you intend to conduct your sessions (e.g. specific activities), without flouting any of NUS Guidelines which include and are not limited to:
    1. Description of activities carried out during the booking
    2. Ensuring that CAPTains are in groups of no more than 5 at any time (i.e. Crowd regulation at ALL times)
    3. Ensuring that groups of no more than 5 do not interact with each other at ALL times
    4. Ensuring safe distancing of 1m between ALL participants Ensuring that CAPTains from different zones do not interact with each other at ALL times
  • How you intend to maintain personal hygiene (e.g. not share drinks, wash their hands etc.).

b. Users are to strictly inform all participants of ALL the above in point (a).

c. Only when approval is given will an individual’s bookings for the CAPT MPSH be approved.

Annex A

Template Proposal for General Bookings

Location: TR/SR/Flying Seed
Booking Date & Timing:
Purpose of Booking:
Zone(s) involved:
Session Conduct
how would you ensure that the session does not flout the NUS guidelines?
e.g. minimising physical contact; 1m Rule

Maintenance of Proper Hygiene

By submitting this proposal, I acknowledge, and will adhere to, the above rules and regulations. I also understand that failure to abide by the above regulations may warrant a suspension from usage of the MPSH and/or further punitive action where applicable.

Proposal submitted by: