CAPT Rag n Flag 2019 Fundraising

CAPT Rag n Flag 2019 Fundraising

Hey CAPTains! Do not have an EZ link card for printing or for the laundry room?? Fret not, we got you covered 😎 As part of CAPT Rag n Flag 2019 fundraising, we will be selling this limited edition CAPT EZ LINK card!! (Yup seniors it’s different from the card you got last year 😄) All proceeds will go to New Hope Community Services!

Normal EZ link cards will be priced at $10 (no value) and an additional $2 if you would like to have your name or a personalized message on your card! Additionally, customized EZ link cards would be sold at a discounted price in bulks of 5 for $45!  

We will have a Preorder form in the link below! *Preorders will close on 21/2 1700*

If you have any queries, feel free to contact Joel (9173 0817) or Brandon (9680 6927)!


Rag n Flag 2019 💓


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