Week 7 Newsletter

Week 7 Newsletter

Where did recess week go ? As mid terms roll in, take some time off the intense mugging with some of our upcoming IGs this week! All the best to everyone with their upcoming tests and assignments due!

Hello CAPT!! Imagine a community garden where CAPTains can plant their own vegetables, herbs or flowers. A garden where everyone can come together and watch the space grow. Want to be part of the team that makes this dream a reality? Join us in any of these roles! Sign up at https://tinyurl.com/captgarden or PM @the_hengway for any questions!!!

Hello CAPTains!
Did you enjoy your time in CAPT FOC 2019?
Do YOU want to make it as awesome/ even more awesome for your juniors next year?
VPD sign ups are now OPEN! The sign up link will be open from now till 4 Oct 2359hrs. The sign up link is as follows: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Xu-lWwkxd06Fvc_rDTR-glq5Hz_-6L5Ng_3zwbMIbmlUQlk2T0xHNzJJUVM3SVM0TzkzN0ZSMFVNOC4u

Hey CAPTains!

CE Day EXCO applications has officially opened! Remember your CE Day experience? Would you like to plan an enriching and insightful first experience for the freshmen of 2020 in Community Engagement? Now is your chance!

If you’re interested in joining, do signup at https://tinyurl.com/CEDAYEXCO

Signups close 7 October, 2359h. If you have any questions, feel free to drop Syafiq a message at 81683120!

We hope to have you on board this journey!

Dear CAPTains,

CAPT Kamal 2020 EXCO Recruitment is now open!!

we are looking for:
– Programmes Heads x2
– Logistics Head x1
– Admin Head x1
– Finance Head x1
– Publicity Head x1
– Welfare Head x1

Join us on this life-changing (yes, life-changing for you) adventure as we seek to inspire and encourage the pursuit of knowledge and character development in children from vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds and learn from the local community at the same time.

sign up today at https://tinyurl.com/OSLexco1920 (sign ups close TOMORROW 30 September 2019, 2359)

more information about the various positions can be found in the sign up form. otherwise, do feel free to contact Zac (98150985) or Luke (84996124) for further queries!


find out more here:

Dear CAPTains,

Are u seeking an unforgettable journey to the East? Have a burning passion to serve?

CAPTClouds 2020 EXCO recruitment drive is happening now!

Come onboard this journey of service and self discovery as we immerse ourselves in the local Yunnan community. We will be curating meaningful activities for the children and youth living in poverty, exposing ourselves to our own biases through cultural exchange, and most importantly GROWing together as a team.

Sign up now @ https://tinyurl.com/OSLexco1920

Deadline is tomorrow! Don’t miss out 🙂

More information are on the form. If u are really excited, feel free to contact Lawrence (93637605) @lawlzzz or Hannah (96403831) @hannaherhhh

find out more:

hello CAPTains! 🤪 *CE FEST 2020 MEMBER RECRUITMENT IS NOW OPEN*:bangbang:

have you seen the plastic sheet in your own neighbourhood pantry? 🙂 would you like to step up and try to know a community that you’re passionate about better or to have a say in the planning process? if yes, what are you waiting for? :stuck_out_tongue:

join us as we plan and execute the various trails, with the aim of interacting, understanding and empathising with the communities around us as well as learn and grow through the process! :sparkles:

sign up now @ https://tinyurl.com/cefest2020
sign up closes on *5th October (Sat), 2359!* :kissing_smiling_eyes:

we hope to see you at the interviews and we can’t wait to hear about any wild ideas you may have! :relaxed: if you have any questions, feel free to contact Faith (91885245) or En Ci (86121712) thank you! :yum:


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