CAPT in Mind

CAPT in Mind

Hey CAPTains!

“Everyday objects surround us, the unconditional keepers of confessions and secrets. They are with us in those private moments when we think we are alone, as we check ourselves in the mirror, scratch an itch or allow ourselves a sigh or a sob. What if those inanimate witnesses to silent thought and hidden emotion had stories to tell?” (Krishna Udayasankar)

Introducing CAPT in Mind, a shared photo journal that aims to showcase glimpses into the lives of CAPTains through the stories that only our belongings can tell. Take a photograph of an object that is meaningful to you and tell us why in a journal entry. Perhaps it represents a significant moment, got you through a challenging time, or brings about a sense of happiness or nostalgia. Describe it, write a reflection or poem about it — express yourself! All CAPTains can sign up to be a part of this shared anonymous photo journal.

All entries will be compiled and put up on Level 1. Be assured that the entries are displayed anonymously, unless you choose to write your name in your journal entry! If you have any questions, feel free to dm us at on Instagram!

Do sign up via this link to contribute to CAPT in Mind!
Signups will close on 22 Feb, Friday 2359.

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