TR Strike System

Dear CAPTains,

In a bid to protect our common spaces, we have decided to implement the TR Strike System ⚔⚔ This will be done for Theme Rooms 1 & 2 (the kitchen and music room). Anyone caught violating the TR rules will be given a strike :x:. Three strikes, and you’ll be banned from booking AND entering the TR. This ban will last for the entire AY. The rules are summarised in these posters, but if you want to read them in full, these are the links:

1) TR1 Rules:
2) TR2 Rules:

Please adhere to these rules but just in general, think of other users when using the TRs! Make the TRs a pleasant place for all to use.

Still with love,


CAPTSmile Member Recruitment

Soursdei!! សួស្តី

CAPTsmile is recruiting members for an upcoming trip in May 2019. In partnership with Solutions to End Poverty (STEP), CAPTsmile aims to enable and empower residents of Smile Village (Phnom Penh) to escape from the poverty cycle.

As part of CAPTsmile, you will have the chance to plan and execute sustainable programmes. During the process of planning, CAPTsmile strongly believes in a community-based, holistic and sustainable approach.

If you are interested in what we’re about, please check out our link to find out more about our plans for the coming trip and what we did last year:

And if you would like to apply for a member position, you can do so here (by 2 Nov 2359):

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Randy (92736303) or Zephanie (84887154), we would love to hear from you.

Orkun! អរគុណ




CAPT Kamal 2019 Signups

Hey CAPTains, registrations for the CAPT Kamal OSL trip are open from now till November 2nd 2359!

The trip will be in Semester 2, tentatively in the last two weeks of May.

All youth should have access to a proper education!  During Kamal, you will have the chance to work with students from Bangalore in a meaningful and impactful way. Most of these students come from vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds, at risk of dropping out of school. Seize this opportunity to join us in implementing sustainable academic and non-academic programmes to aid in the holistic growth and development of these youth.

The 7 subcommittees are:

– Publicity

– Welfare

– Programmes

– Logistics

– Administration

– Finance


About CAPT Kamal:

For more information, feel free to WhatsApp En Ci @ 86121712 or Naeson @ 92722866


CAPTClouds 2019 Member Signups

Hey CAPTains!!! ☺️

Member sign ups for CAPTClouds Overseas Service Learning (OSL) 2019 to Yunnan, China are now open!!

We are recruiting members for the following committees:

– Programmes

– Welfare and Engagement

– Logistics

– Publicity

Sign up today at: (sign-ups close on 2nd November 2018, 2359)

More information about the various positions can be found in the sign up form or feel free to contact Kelly (9654 8760) or Joel (9049 6193) for further queries!

Here’s the link to our info video for those of you who are still curious about what CAPTClouds does:

There is also a CAPTClouds blog for those who wish to explore the beautiful stories and insights of the trip from some of the previous members:


Breaking Point

Hello CAPTains!

CAPT Support’s very first campaign sought to bring the issue of mental health into the light, that everyone has mental health experiences and we should take care to identify and address these experiences, least they accumulate to cause us further troubles. Having gone through opening publicity and an engagement activity where we went through a day through a CAPTain’s eyes, we would like to end off the entire campaign with our closing pubs. It’s located at Lift Lobby on Level 1 and we hope you will check it out! It’s hard to miss!

We will also be introducing a new campaign this week;
Do you ever experience times when the stress just accumulates where you reach a breaking point?
This is a very common experience that can happen to anyone, anytime.

CAPT Support Campaign
Breaking Point ” will focus on providing information on what exactly is this ‘breaking point’, how this comes about, as well as how to cope with this.

If you want to find out more about how to cope in times of stress, and how to help other people through this, come down for our engagement activity this coming Thursday (25 Nov) at SR5. We’ll be having different times slots between 8-10pm ☺
Hope to see you there 🙆🏻💕!


ClubSocs Week 10 IG Sessions

Hey CAPTains!! Hope that you’ve been recharged from the weekend and are ready to take on this brand new week of school! We are excited to have you join us at our IG sessions this week, see you there!!
Love, ClubSocs


A Walk Through The Dark

What comes to mind when you think of blindness? Ever wondered how it feels like to go shopping without being able to see? Or to prepare yourself for a day out using only your hearing and sense of touch?

CAPT In The Dark (CITD) presents: A Walk Through The Dark
Date: 1 Nov (Week 11 Thu)
Time: 8-10 PM

A Walk Through the Dark will give a glimpse into the everyday lives of people with visual impairment. So if you’ve ever wanted to understand visual impairment more, or simply have fun trying activities in the dark, join us for an experience of the world through different senses, and a walk through VI people’s lives!

Sign-up link can be found on the ACE Telegram Channel: For any enquiries, contact Shaun or Aloysius!

Looking Back

Looking Back: G4me Night

As we juggled with midterms alongside the usual rigour of school, its no doubt that the past few weeks have been super hectic for the bulk of us. Yet amidst the intense hustling, EXA managed to put together G4me Night, a collaboration event between CAPT and RC4 that involved games, food, and most importantly, bonding between the colleges. Jerome Yong, one of the organisers of G4me Night shares his thoughts on the event:“On Week 8, EXA held G4me Night in collaboration with RC4. The event was organised to provide a platform for CAPTains to get to know people from RC4 through a night of fun and games. As the event was organised after the mid-term examinations, it gave them an opportunity to momentarily unwind and take their minds off the pressures of their academics.

The event was attended by a small but fun-loving group of CAPTains and RC4 residents, and kicked off with both residents of both colleges streaming in and mingling with one another. It was heartening to see CAPTains and RC4 residents putting aside their college affiliations to mix around freely with one another, making new friends in the process.

A variety of exciting games were played during the event, with each game deliberately designed to foster collaboration and friendships between CAPTains and RC4 residents. These games ranged from a Trivia Challenge, where participants had to answer trivia questions pertaining to both NUS and general knowledge, to a Relay Race, where participants had to complete a series of mini-challenges to win the game for their team. Other games included Blindfolded Bowling, Test Your Memory and In It to Win It. Indeed, there was much laughter and good-natured banter during the games. Before the closing of the event, the participants were treated to a sumptuous supper of large cheese fries, naan and butter chicken from Ameens, as well as a Family Feast from KFC.

EXA would also like to take this opportunity to thank CAPTains and RC4 residents for attending the event and displaying so much enthusiasm during the activities.”

Missed out on this bonding experience? Don’t fret – there are plenty of others that are soon to come. For starters, the Inter-College Halloween will be happening this week, so do visit the various haunted houses to get to know fellow CAPTains and residents of the other colleges too!


Design Thinking Workshop 2018

HEY CAPTains !!

Have you come across anything in CAPT that you would like to see a change in?

Social Innovation Wing’s design thinking workshop will provide you with a systematic approach to empower you to ideate solutions to address the problem(s)!

Come on down and join us for our Design Thinking Workshop, happening on Wednesday, 24th Oct from 6.30-8.30pm at SR4!

Sign up here: !! See you there 🙂


Care to Share Week 10

Calling all CAPTains!!

Feeling the stress from finals and assignments? Need a break from all that studying? Care to Share your troubles? 🗣 Then we’ve got the perfect solution for you!!

CAPT Support presents its latest Care to Share session this week where we will be hosting a light hearted night of origami and balloon sculpting, and we invite each and every one of you to come on down to join us in having fun while engaging in casual conversations on self-care!  Did we mention we’ve got crackerwiches as well?

So what better way to destress than to join us? See you at the B1 Cafe Area on 24 October (Wed) from 8pm- 10pm 🙂

With love,
CAPT Support