A Walk Through The Dark

A Walk Through The Dark

What comes to mind when you think of blindness? Ever wondered how it feels like to go shopping without being able to see? Or to prepare yourself for a day out using only your hearing and sense of touch?

CAPT In The Dark (CITD) presents: A Walk Through The Dark
Date: 1 Nov (Week 11 Thu)
Time: 8-10 PM

A Walk Through the Dark will give a glimpse into the everyday lives of people with visual impairment. So if you’ve ever wanted to understand visual impairment more, or simply have fun trying activities in the dark, join us for an experience of the world through different senses, and a walk through VI people’s lives!

Sign-up link can be found on the ACE Telegram Channel:
tinyurl.com/CAPTAceWingTele. For any enquiries, contact Shaun or Aloysius!


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